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Well i guess(hope), the first half was enough to see what was wrong yesterday... @LeDerp, its one thing to read articles about it but its another thing to see...
3 weeks ago
Lol wish me some luck, i will now watch the full game since i had no time yesterday and want to see the reason(s) for our failure
1 month ago
Well now i'm curious, what did he say ?
Seriously how can there still be people who are shouting "wenger out" "he has no ambition",facebook internetsides are full with it, how can you act that stupi...
2 months ago
"Wenger is stupid beyond the realms of decency" " He has no tactical vision or understanding of immediate elimination of weak traits within the team" lol you ...
Why not trying podolski as a ST..., did you ever have seen a match from us ?? "özil is playing poor because of the players around him", well they were good en...
Seriously why does it mean so much for some of you, i understand that all of you are not all happy about comments like that , but who cares what other fans thin...
Well it does make sence, since obviously they have NO EXPERIENCE, so we let them on loan, so they can get playtime, by the way do you really see on of them you...
Nice to see our fans clapping when chamack got subbed
@ "MadBro" lol , i rather would be my whole life trophyless, instead of changing my beloved club i support. how about you ?, oh right last year a real madrid ...
3 months ago
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