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Seria A, Rock'n'Roll, friends, Vinyl records, smoking, drinking, dancing, seeing Man U loose.
Sky sports pudits (theY cant help talking out their BIASED arses), Manchester United fans and everything that go's with it,
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Great to see milan look good again. still some work to do but looking good 4 coming seasons. barca are unreal and got a good win but milan could have won also, ...
6 years ago
Great team who i have admired for a while now. napoli will have an interesting run in the cl this year i think, another upset will be on our hands i predict. fo...
Oh because only Italians dive. f**k off. Sergio Buschetts ring any bells. Idiot
UNLUCY NAPOLI. HOPE YOU guys still qualify. Great team
Somewhere on FootyTube
He wont go.....
Yeah Ive thought that for a while, he'll make the Euros and defo WC. Has to if he keeps going the way he is... And hes bloody quick!!!
Haha True, but good win anyway
I said for the last few years Italy need to inject in the youth they have, theres no shortage of top quality talent on the peninsula and now with Prandelli hes ...
For the first time since 2007 I feel confident of Milans abilities. Should be back in Europe too. Its about time really.
Love seeing EPL teams getting beat. Just to bring all the ignorant EPL fans down a peg or two basically!!!
Spot on mate. These fools simply watch English Sky and other English biased forms of footballing propaganda. They have no real opinions just slap dash comments ...
Some of those comments comparing the Milan derby and Manchester derby are ridiculous. Obviously a silly little boy with zero knowledge on football. Idiot. I fin...
U actually watch the game. Inter were shocking!!
7 years ago
Inter were poor. 3-0 Was unbelievably flattering. Bari deserved a point at least. But as a Milanese its comforting to see cracks in Inters side. They've rode th...
Real have had their fair share of luck buddy. Dont you forget. And Ronaldo spoiling the games reputation with his baby antics!!!
Sometimes, how can that be the case all the time?, they were very scared of Inter last year!!!
Shameful what?
SUPERPIPPO. What a legend. Nothing can be said of super Pippo, 37 and still hammering goals past Real Madrid hahahahahahaha. Brilliant
Reals 2nd remember was a total goalkeeping error. Swings and roundabouts matey. Ronaldo was disgracful again... What a tit, hell never grow up, stamped on Abate...
Real arent so amazing yet! I seem to remember two very weak goals that won it two weeks ago. Milan are not as strong but we can still compete with you. Says a l...
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