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So i started watching barca vs valencia and saw that barca conceded an early goal ( as usual ). i turned off the tv in anger.. then turn it back on in 45 mi...
6 years ago
Manchester City is a disgrace... this should have been their win.
Same here. Welcome u zimmie. U look Irie
Thanks for the add man. Hope to see you around the forums.
Its amazing how one person makes a huge difference... in this case arsenal is lucky to have Henry back for the time that hes on loan Maybe arsenal can finally r...
Agreed!!! Barcelona officially demolished Hospitalet!
Barcelona played pure class out there; the first goal was just a common and stupid mistake from Valdes, but that certainly didn't stop Barca, later in the half ...
Good game. we had a few mistakes now and then like Xavi's dive and messi's delayed penalty but all in all good game!
What a goal by Ryan Taylor!
Congrats Messi!!!! 6 goals in 4 games! Well Done Barca, I hope to see more hat tricks and wins on the way! play, work hard, and improve!
GOOOOOO MESSI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This just might be the best win of the season so far including Messi's Hat Trick! Messi definitely got his crowd back from that mis...
Wow! What a defeat for the Devils! 6-1 doesnt sound like man utd.'s game. congrats Man City. good job to all!
He fakes alot, like falling and diving in the penalty box.. that annoys the hell out of everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I admit he is fast as hell! but he is the biggest show off ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wow what a game!!!!!!!! barca truly deserves the win!!!!! good job fellas!
Hey... Thanks for the add mate... two cool votes for ya... ;D cya around :)
What can i say? Barca played a good game ( as usual ).
Barcelonas deffense was horrible in the first half.. then they got back. Milan played a good game.. good jof fellas!
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