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Yes this was a tough game! Well done Roma! Totti looked great! the way he drops deep and gets into spaces, love watching him! right till the end boys! Hope La...
8 years ago
AC milan lose too many games and they dont have the quality left! They all ageing and they dont play their young ones. Palermo are sick! I like watching them, M...
This match shows form or league position dont count in derby games!!! pressure, tempo, nerves all around!!! Roma did well 2nd half! im glad we won, i would of ...
Menez showed good what he can do, hes defo one for future. Good pace, great skills and vision. Toni is a legend! Vuci is the man! Well done ROMA! :) Udinese did...
We got toni back in jan man. Hes doing well for Roma :) perfect man for Roma. Good game last night...Udinese played good we done 7/10ish. Vuci is the man!
Thanks for friend Request.
My wish for starting line up would be. Sergio or Doni (give Doni a chance). Motta, Juan, Burdisso, Riise, Pizzaro, Brighi, De Rossi, Vucinic, Baptista, Menez...
I think Roma will find it hard. But we will win! Menez to score for defo if he starts that is. Time for him to shine!
I want Madrid out! past 5 6 years they been going out! I want it to happen again so people laugh at the 'stars'. I do like them though lol But i really want th...
Juve got lucky! but good goals for amauri n del piero, diego with classy touch. Penalty was 50/50 Del Piero over dived lol
Come on Roma! God Will. we are so close. keep the record up! Inter are finally dropping points! the pressure is on them we have nothing to lose. Our season exp...
Totti has more than 175 goals League goals. He has around 245 around about all competitions. Del Piero has more league goals cos he played in Serie B. Somethi...
Doni is good, Sergio has improved big time. He is outstanding so far. And Lorbant is a Romanian legend! Toni will be back within 8-15 days hopefully! Maybe ...
We need more fans spread the word! we are on good form. God Will we get far! come on ROMA! Riise is player of the month mate :)
Roma did well...4-1 great victory. Penalty was dodgy. Well done Baptista, finally he scored. Hopefully he gets 10-14 for the season all competitions will be goo...
Roma will beat Inter! they always get lucky against us! very jammy team but with great players lol.
I start watching Baggio when his days starting coming to an end as a footballer. So dont know a lot about him. But for me its Totti the best natural Italian gif...
Roma fans need to sign up more fans lol!
Any roma wana discuss about the team add me as a friend. I got a lot to share and say. I hope Menez plays 2moro in italian cup! and Cicinho! Cerci is starti...
Yo Saadoony what makes u like Roma man?
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