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I agree with Eck, There were 3 fouls on Gardner where Wolves were smashing into him, He clearly when he streched his leg out was no where near trying to get the...
7 years ago
@Waqazeb This has nothing to do with me going off on one about our 'amazing' league, Cause truth be told it isnt neither is la-liga. I am talking about El Clasi...
I disagree, I dont think we are in trouble. We have two home games to come, And i can see us winning atleast one of them. That will honestly give us the points...
This is the true anti football, Disgrace, In my Opinion there is nothing worse than seeing 11 players rush to a ref like that for everything, and the cheating w...
Good match, End to end stuff, Well done Bolton, Good luck in Wembley. Gotta say i'm glad we lost, We have so many Injurys, another cup run is the last thing we...
Jimmy L, You're Obsessed over Birmingham arnt you?
Brummie, Ignore this guy. He's been posting this everyday like a sore loser.
Consider yourself lucky you werent 10 men down and 2-0 down at half time.
"No where in life nor sport do that kinda logic apply." I think that's why i said Joke? "With all due respect to all the teams around, Jokes like that are...
Block 133, Right behind the goal for the secand... amazing. Best day of my life. Credit to Arsenal, Thought it was going to be 'one of those games' when were...
Birmingham beta Arsenal and Arsenal beat Barcelona, That must mean were better than Barcelona... Joke :D
Yes, Barracuda. The 48 year one was agaisnt Aston Villa in 2 legs, And back then it wasnt even consided'd as a major cup trophy and didnt have any of the honno...
JimmyL the sore losing Cockny :(
Rocky your an idiot, No other word for it. Fair play to most of the Arsenal fans on here, good sportmanship.
"Carling Cup was by far the easiest trophy for us to win, especially against Birmingham in the final" And that Arsenal fans is why you lost, Your manager and p...
It amazes me how bad JimmyL is a sore loser, Atually for that matter most west ham fans. We beat you, No bad Referee'ing decision, We played better football, ...
Fair play to Newcastle, Toke there chance's and held on well even though i felt in some parts of the game we were more likly to score. We've just got to move...
How Pathetic is huth, Hitting him on the hand and then 5 secands later going down like that, aboustle disgrace. I thought our football was boring to watch but o...
It's still known as a Major Competition, Honestly who care's if you won all these cup your last major cup win was in 1981? You can hardly gloat on your recent...
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