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6 months ago
That's an interesting idea, but I think BR will be counting on Joe Allen coming back. And if not, I think he'll drop Gerrard and Henderson back while throwing L...
I think it's just a rumour at this point. Only two sources.
7 months ago
How about that Stoke/Man City draw though... I know Stoke are a tough nut to crack but you'd think all of Man City's money would do the job.
In the short term (Swansea game), I'd say... Start with Skrtel and: - bring Sakho on off the bench if we're up a couple - keep Skrtel on if it's a close one - ...
Love it, or hate it, but Spain is going to win WC2014... Del Bosque is the Mourinho of national teams. He knows how he can lose (the speed and counters of a t...
The Danny Welbeck occupation list.
I'm just going to put this out there: this summer... - People were upset with BR for not keeping "Superstar" Suarez happy - People were upset with BR when we s...
Thanks pal! Is that everyone's go-to site for full matches? I'll bookmark it if it's a reliable choice.
Any one got a link to the full game? Would greatly appreciate it. Was out of town for 5 days, screamed and scared all of my friends when I saw the final scorel...
Can we just put Gerrard and Sturridge on the two goal posts and let them start resting right now.. The United game is gonna be bruuuuutal...
So is this the game after which everyone says "If it wasn't for Sturridge, Liverpool would be garbage!"... like they did with Suarez last season...?
Basically hoping for penalties now...
LOL Sterling is our right back........
And you can't sub Gerrard twice...
Luis Alberto is a tad bit too timid.. Hopefully turns it on in the second half.
Gotta feel bad for him, looked like he was really up for it tonight...
I'll never forget that season. It was actually Villa up 2-1 and later losing 2-3 against United (Macheda with the curler to win it) that cost us the league. Al...
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8 months ago
The avatar compliments what you said quite well lol
I know we are all upset at Suarez for the disrespect he's shown to the club and us, the supporters who stood by him. All of that aside, here as some footballing...
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9 months ago
11 months ago
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