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"I don't dislike my rivals, " LOL. Why are you hating so much on Germany then for no reason? Jealous much?
3 years ago
4 years ago
Erich nominated Diego (56') for Goal of the Week
Absolutely agree with Vapourtrailer. Hawkeye with three challenges a match for each team would avoid so many controversies and bad calls. More than about time t...
10. Your president is going to jail.
Smartass mode: he played for bayer leverkusen and not bayerN. i guess you know that though
Good performance by RM, but can they keep it up or will they fail again like the last couple of times. I predict that they will fail when they meet bayern oder ...
Erich nominated K. Huntelaar (90') for Goal of the Week
Well, getting to the last 16 is already further than half of the other teams, so I would not call it rape. there was no doubt that leverkusen and schalke would ...
I don't see how the player with the most assists in europe can not be crucial for the arsenal game. fire/passion or goal assists, you choose.
Dat pass by oezil
Erich is now friends with Obskurum
It's not easy to keep your best men with bigplayer teams like bayern, madrid, chelsea, .... they kept lewandowski. what does that tell you? get your facts strai...
Because you are a bayern prick. his move to bayern last season was nothing else but treason. hope he will rot on the bench.
And 10 pages of comments, when winning against germany probably even 20
Yea, the German side was far from their normal assembly. this was rather a B- or C-team playing, experimenting a little bit, you know against England you can do...
I don't see England going very far on the WC. Good.
The new German jerseys are just awful. Big break of a tradition by abandoning the black shorts (why?) and bad design of the shirts as well. Anyways, Italy rema...
I am not mad. this is football and football is very often not fair. i am merely stating facts that it is undeserved and dortmund was way better, anyone who doub...
Lucky lucky Arsenal. Dortmund dominated them, having lots of high profile chances, and then out of nothing Arsenal's first shot on goal is in. After that the g...
Well deserved? have you even see the match? arsenal didn't have one chance till the goal, dortmund was way better
You sir, are an idiot. name one keeper who wouldnt waste time at this moment in such an important game. nice generalization that it is a "german tradition". ger...
Looks like you are a buttheard real fan. "completely dominating"... maybe for 20 minuits all together. they didnt show to win this except the first 15 and the l...
Weidenfeller it is then.
5 years ago
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