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It's funny how people still have no idea how to pronounce David Villa.
5 years ago
Another free kick from Messi. Anyone wants to say that he can't take free kicks anymore?
Leo people like you are the reason why people hated some football clubs, City played pretty well, even Porto was quite good to be honest. Yes City spent cash on...
6 years ago
While Remi takes hours to get the shots right in his videos, Nakamura took the pressure while actually being in the pitch, scoring important free kicks that tak...
I guess Ferguson wanted to boost his confidence and get him back on the scoring sheet ASAP
Is it me or Messi's free kicks are more likely to hit the target than Ronaldo's?
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Mind you, there are A LOT of people complaining about Busquets and co. diving. Well Pepe did the same thing. Exactly the same thing. What Pepe did is shameful, ...
Well Mancini always makes the oddest of subs and yet most of the time they kinda worked.
C. Ronaldo definitely doesn't hold a candle to Henry, but THE Ronaldo? Him and Henry has to be the 2 best forwards I've seen in my life.
True. That was such a clean tackle. Two foot up, yes. But it was low and he got the ball clean.
Well they still have Thiago, Fabregas, Pedro, Afellay and Mascherano can play as a CB.
Before Kalou's goal you can see Romeu is still used to Barcelona's playing style. He passed a ball, made a run and expecting return.
Man I thought my English was bad.
Is it me or stadium is a bit empty?
Hater's gonna hate, Szczęsny is a brilliant goalkeeper and the fact that he's still that young promises a bright future.
He's not wearing the Adizero with the micoach chip, he's still wearing his usual leather Adizero.
HD replays are such a delight. And wow Milner, that was top class. Balotelli is definitely a superb striker, the Villains asked for it.
No Walcott is faster, but Ronaldo is better on the ball. That's why Ronaldo looked faster because well, he dribbles instead of pushing the ball forward and chas...
Let's be honest here if it wasn't for Casillas denying Robben's chance in the WC final it would be the Dutch lifting the trophy. And playing bad deliberately to...
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Don't forget Arsenal, they are one of the most successful club in English football as well and they are the first and only team to have a season unbeaten.
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