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Batshu and Embolo are absolute tanks, both have the potential to become worldclass. I'd absolutely take a gamble on one of them.
5 months ago
The problem is, that people are always moaning about the players we lost in the attacking departement and don't see what we've gained in the midfield. We will b...
Pedro reaction reminds me of a bunch of kids that already ate a five course meal including dessert and they still keep crying for sweets :-D Our window so far ...
Thank you cheshire, you get my point!
6 months ago
Quotes from Matas blog: "As you could see, it was not a brilliant game but you can understand that, it being the first one, there’s still a lack of rhythm. I...
I'm really starting to get annoyed by some fans, we f*****g won against a really good side and it was the first game after just 3 preseason games. So calm down ...
Haha yeah let's move on, we gonna find a more worthy successor! I don't think we'll give it to Memphis right away.
Still can't believe that we gave the number 7 to the walking crap who goes by the name of Di Arrhea... I hope we keep it vacant for a while.
FC Barcelayern Munich
There you go
What if Pereira is the surprise striker, lol
Give LVG a break guys, he's just experimenting. I wouldn't read too much in the midfield combo or Depay as a striker. It's more about gaining fitness. We will h...
Eeeerm didn't Liverpool sign Benteke or did I miss something?
True, old habits die hard. But I guess with an improved defense trust and confidence will come back.
7 months ago
Or they just need time, cause it's our first game...
Haha it's an official an legal stream Badge, but I understand
Edited by Badge, sorry mate, we can't post links to streaming sites on here :(
Haha bitte bitte (you're welcome) Here's the link, but I guess you need to use a proxyserver that is located in either Germany, Austria or Switzerland to get a...
For all fellow fans looking for a stream, www.sport1.de will offer a free HD stream for tonights game, it's in German but at least in great quality.
True dat. I remember you mentionning him as a bargain, unfortunately he flopped badly. He won't repeat last seasons scoring record.
3 years ago
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