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Bad business? Zlatan was on low wages during his recovery and I guess his personality was still very important for the young players to learn from. And we would...
3 months ago
I think Mou gives us finally insight on why he parks the bus in big games. He doesn’t trust the players mentality to cope with the pressure and that‘s why w...
Continuity my friend, it‘s definitely what we need right now. Just give the coach time to rebuild. Look how bad City played under Pep and how they rip teams a...
So which Sotton player will replace Coutinho? :-D
5 months ago
Come on how classless is this? Camping at the corner flag for like 10 minutes straight.
6 months ago
Or United are feeding the press to lower the asking price for Morata :-D
11 months ago
I think De Gea will be sold this summer, there are reports that Romero will stay for a long time and that José wants to start Pereira in the last league game. ...
1 year ago
Yeah the contract has ended so it is no longer an official FIFA ceremony. FIFA will now hold it's own official ceremony which is close to the old Ballon d'Or fo...
Damn the amount of negativity in here is making me sick. Do you really want to make Mou the scapegoat for Fellainis error? If Fellaini won a last minute header ...
It seems that not a single body noticed that Koscielny pulls Jones to the ground to make room for Girouds header, f*****g disgrace
Nope our problem is lack of desire, intensity and mentality, some of our players are only here to cash in.
Http://youtu.be/wDiingiqQ6k Did you guys see this video? I don't like the reactions in the studio while Keith is telling the truth. There must really be a clau...
Hey there, Just to let you know I've deleted your comment since it was clear what the list of names was spelling. Just wanted to give you a heads up; any pro...
Forget Barcelonas MSN and Reals BBC, we got RIP - Rooney, Ibra, Pogba!!!
I didn't mean to question Bayerns success and prestige, but it's a very ivitable comparison, because we're amongst the 4 European power houses and should aspire...
2 years ago
True SIF, that's my point, how could this happen, that we rely on Memphis, Martial and Rashford to score our goals? CR and Nani are prime examples, they were bo...
Right now yes, Stan182, but ask the same question in 2008, when OT was a fortress and CR was scoring free kicks for fun, while Rooney scored volleys as if it wa...
Yeah but that's sad, isn't it? I mean we can't be angry if we can't compete with the likes of Real and Barca every year, they're just from another planet since ...
Here's the naked truth, we're the bigger club than Bayern Munich and should always aspire to be better than them. But truth is, we're so far behind them, if you...
Well yeah it's down to 2 mistakes when Pool has like 10 more attempts, when we show no desire, when we can't play a single pass, when Afroman survives on the pi...
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