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5 years ago
Buy? Wtf are you on about. Im assuming since we bought RVP, that we bought the title since he played a huge part in helping Utd win it?
What is up with people saying s**t like "Oh you're from (country not in England) and a Man United fan, ha-ha (followed by a sarcastic) What a surprise" It tru...
Haha that'll be 40 total, but i dont mind!
Oh look at me, I'm not from Manchester nor have I the luxuries of unlimited cash flow to watch my favourite team live. I DEFINITELY, MUST BE, a glory hunter. Ju...
Hahahaha. Funny @KeepItClean seeing how YOU are a Barcelona fan according to the brackets beside your handle. Anyway, if you actually WATCHED the FULL match, Un...
Sometimes it's not about the goal, but the build up?
7 years ago
Says the c**t who is a Gunners and Liverpool fan. Confused much?
He was being sarcastic lol.
Gotta say, spurs did mighty fine
Lol, you obviously don't know Sir Alex.
...but you can guide the ball with your foot?
Fair enough fellas :)
It seriously bugs me that no one seems to remember Berbatov's overhead kick against Liverpool. Sure Rooney's goal was magnificent. But really, Berbatov's contro...
Nice pit hair
"Reds all the way" coming from a City fan. Good god mate, are you confused about anything else?
Well said.
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