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Why the hell is Aqualani not playing yet!!
8 years ago
What about lampard, Essien and Pirlo!!
Your an Idiot why did you even watch the game then!!! Ignorant that's all I have to say...
Close to perfect... dude you gotta remember last year Arsenal tied like 6 games in a row or something stupid like that. They rarely scored back to back 3-1 or ...
Italia!!! Why are they not mentioned... every world cup Italy comes together no matter what and turns into a great team. Apart from the euros 2008 under a less...
Great video I enjoyed that!!
Wow that first goal celebration by Ecuador was amazing 15 seconds in a photographer gets PWNED HARD!!
Ok understandable but I agree that home turf is home turf and the game should be played where ever the home team prefers. Makes it more of a challenge. Can't ...
Good for Sevilla! Great goals from them... the Real Madrid defence was so weak and fragile it was funny to watch. I can't believe they havn't invested in a wo...
Agreed very s**t decision... that tackle was fair studs down and should not have been a penalty. Full stop!
Italian Football is in a rebuilding phase... plain and simple. Sti tons of great players in the Italian league. It is retarded to say they whole league is rub...
That was a dive dude... good call ref!! Keeper had all ball!
Nikopolidis = getting laid tonight even though they lost...
Ouch ya terrible game for liverpool... even watching the highlights they didn't look they a goal would come.
Hmm... sounds like we have a fanatic... Fabergas 11 you like really, really like Ronaldo that's apparent. Sounds like if you were in the some country you might...
I never knew Anelka was so fast... that was amazing speed from him left the D and keeper in no mans land with a small fake the opposite direction before he touc...
Wow! Who would have thought, first a win over Liverpool with Defoe 2 then Hull Defoe 3! He could have had 5 in that game. Truly amazing I wish I had picked him...
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