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I love sports
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Lytsdb (Ervanto) from Obuda, Hungary
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Hey whats up my name its Edwin im from san diego and i love football i play whit my friends i like defending becouse its aswome i love the adrenaline rush and to take down powerfu ...
Sabersupra (Ashhab Saber Bari) Australia
I support Barcelona and my favorite footballer is Lionel Messi
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Shuds (Sudarshan) from Chennai, India
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Like to play football. calm, cool an friendly
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Webbo (Josep Bartra) from Somewhere, Out There
Let's get this cleared up: 1. Argentina, I lived there for a bit. All my life I have supported Argentina, and cheered for them; to tears... yes to TEARS. My mom's adopted country ...
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
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