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In his defense and Webbo i suppose you're an exception, i know about 10 barca fans and every single one is cockier than the next, which when you have a team tha...
8 years ago
Great goal from Scholes and his successor to the out-of-the-box throne: Darren Gibson. I'm liking our team of the future.
Did Berbatov cut his hair? He looks just like Carvalho. Great overall team display from United tho. Let's keep it up and win some trophies this year!!!
Van der sar underwent hand surgery should be back october/november
Argentina is still a great team with great players, but i think it is true he would get ignored seeing as the argentine national team looks to be good enough. f...
When he was at gremio everyone said he would be the next ronaldinho...although that style of play wont really work in the prem, i think he'll have a a good seas...
Yea i think they need a lot more younger players. they used to be good a few years ago but now their players are too old.
Here in north carolina its not as hot as where you guys are maybe 90-95 but its been raining a lot, so it gets really humid. its disgusting...
Yea, i tried putting it on but im not sure wut happened. thanks
Maxi Rodriguez against Mexico in the world cup. Maybe my all time favorite...
You gotta go to new york for the best pizza, we got a pizzeria on every block. but i think of the fast food chain pizzeria's, i like pizza hut the best.
It's the Asia tour, it's basically practice for the preseason. There's no need to go scream and run around when basically these games don't count. Look at Drogb...
My favorite announcers are derek rae and tommy smyth. if only they could cover every game...
The guy that shatters olympic records, should be pretty fast...or atleast i think so
That commercial might have worked if it were tweaked a little bit..like with better acting...
I think dave chapelle has a brilliant way of delivering his jokes. i put him on my top 5 along with demetri martin. and altho hes not in my top 5 i like tommy t...
If any psychiatrist/therapist/doctor or whoever wouldve seen how i ran and screamed and cried and maybe even soiled myself (just kidding) when we beat chelsea i...
I think the premier league needs a change in our "big 4" so if arsenal will go ahead and qualify for the Europa league and let aston villa or even manchester ci...
I think we (united) got a good chance this season. weve won three straight premier leagues and we'll try to win three straight community shields as well. fergus...
Seeing as how bad mexico beat haiti, ochoa probably wished he wouldve stayed playing for america. he wouldve had a better time...
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