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Great game both of them, but in the end, bayern deserve to win. really awesome Bundesliga-game.
6 years ago
Bundesliga strikes back!
Not the Team/Player are the problem, the coach is...
Impressive performance by Hannover
What a abasement
Football from outer space by Bayern München. Increeeeedible performce by the hole team Ribery, Robben, Müller...just....pure skill! Can´t remember when Bay...
7 years ago
Normaly i don´t like Dortmund, but congratulations Dortmund, you´ve deserved it!
The third game i see from MLS, and now my question is, whats wrong with the keepers in the MLS? Horrible to see. But nice to see, in US, soccer find more fans ...
Player of the match, Thomas Müller, better than Robben in the last weeks. (why don´t show the Ribery goal?)
Lol, they cut wood in the stadium? :D Nice goals, the second by Chicago awesome. Need the commentator to commentate Bayern games :>
Good play by Schalke, but please Manchester, destroy Schalke!!! No one outside of Gelsenkrichen like this Club. I think, Manchester will expose the weakness of...
5 Games left. Bayern must win all of these games. But in the end, Hannover must lost points. Ich think Bayern can do this, but next 2 Games without Robben and L...
United looks really hungry for the CL title. Awesome team, well done.
I don´t like Schalke, because....it´s Schalke. But at this time, i really really enjoy that. Well done Schalke :>
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