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I'm a hard football, men's football fan!
6 years ago
What about supporting Al Ahly Roofiq? You're right we've got history!
And at the end the end of the day you guys got it deep.
And you're an arsenal fan!!!! ROLF
Oi Tello!!! Ai seu tu pego!!!!!
LOL I actually like how you were able to insult two teams in two countries with one singular comment but that was really a little bit rude. "Those catalans ar...
Now the word legend might be a wee bit tricky sometimes mate. I'll tell you why it doesn't apply to Torres. Simple example, Chelsea with whatever they've achiev...
You've got it DaGaza. Alonso is legend. Played with his guts for the club, won the CL, a real shame they had to sell him.
Come on Real!!! Keep on winning those games i would really like to see Alonso lift that trophy. Great win over Atletico too.. this shoud have left El Traitro To...
Don't know how you feel about this but Jones seems a bit sloppy.
It's not just a question on Pepe Reina mate. The whole team's been absolutely shite, in fact as soon as Liverpool play supposedly weaker sides they suck. Now th...
We won the match and thats the most important thing. Nevermind crouchy's goal, he's still like family yeah. was good seeing him back and great seeing Liverpool ...
Anyone noticed how huge skrtel has become for the team? Plays for the shirt and i can imagine how scary he might be for any attacking player. As for Gerrard he'...
Bale is a diving bastard. Skrtel won all his tackles clean and neat. Definitely owned him.
Nice to see big andy on the scoresheet. And with Luis Suarez's ban over... hmm imm relishing our next games. Bring on Tottenham
Hey by the way no offense mate. Its only a football match. Some team is gonna win, its how it works. A handball is a handball, if Joe Hart did that instead of R...
Lol! Nice one Dan2989. Well we never know, do we? Jackie123, did you ever receive presents from Inter Milan?
On watching their team play, Inter Milan's owners are thinking in their head ( oh, if I don't come up with a great pile of money to bribe other teams as well as...
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