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Chicharito has massively improved his touch/dribbling skills, he and Welbeck are the only ENERGetic guys on the field, others are way too lethargic:( hope Chich...
4 years ago
He did ok considering where he's come (back) from but he lost ball in final third too many times against Bayern.
Reddevil278, hope your close ones get well soon enough and you get all the support you need, stay positive.
^agree, rested Evra is still one of the best LBs out there.
Anyone has today's mosaic as a wallpaper (large) for laptop?
Jones;) http://s5o.ru/storage/simple/ru/edt/51/06/95/52/rueec359952ab.jpg
This is just wrong man.
High boot:(
Imho he looked nervy, but not bad
Just keep it calm, Rafa
Was that atypical (non) celebration from Chicharito a farewell? (reminds of Fabio's reaction to his goal before he left) if that's the case I'm really sad: woul...
Like a rocket!
I'd rather see banners like: "Look up Young! Get some ballz!", "Cleverly pass forward or go to Spain!", "Rafa calm the f*ck down!", "Lord, save Jones!", "Rio, E...
^yeah, I was more referring to the ability with the ball: it was just frustrating to see how easy City's players were on the ball compared to our players (so Ma...
A bit of positive from the game for me was the way some players played the first half after the goal: one could see some passion back in the eyes, they really g...
^did Young missed the talk somehow
Mentioned yesterday already, but again Welbz' runs made a lot of difference: some neat footwork, body strength and pace... all he needs is finishing.
RM or BM to settle some accounts ;)
Fellaini did in 5 min more than Young in 20 (pretty embarrassing from Ashley: passes without looking, fear in the manner he plays...)
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Elma769 is now friends with Come510
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