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Surprise - Chile Best Player - Messi Highest goal scorer - Lukaku Most Clean sheets - Brazil Win then Cup - Brazil
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Cheesy Ed
He has always said that it has been his dream to play for Real Madrid, I will never be able to hate on Bale after everything he did at Spurs.
@Espelho, you mentioned that you think Chelsea may be going after him just so we dont get him. I have often wondered if Chelsea were buying some of these midfie...
elliotsandhu Rubbin Dembeles
Im at 55 with 4 players to go! feeling pretty good about my selection.
Im in - Rubbin Dembeles
Hey, I was reading the rules and did not see the points given to defenders for assists. Do defenders even get any points for assists??
Saw you were looking for a stream. This website usually has everything: http://www.wiziwig.tv/index.php?part=sports
Yep http://www.footytube.com/forums/the-stands-general-footy-banter/footytube-fantasy-premierleague-28373/
For sure, that header was a gimme and the follow up was even worse.
They announcers just said that the Corinthian's coach claims that Paulinho is the best player playing in Brazil right now.
Just saw your msg. no worries man :) some people on that page are looking to argue without listening to others. cool votes coming your way ;)
Thanks for being classy lllman!
5 years ago
I am not discrediting him at all!! I am trying to give more credit to the entire team.
He is obviously the most important player on teh team, and we did indeed get Baled out many times. I just think it is unfair because of the quality of the rest ...
That stat comes no where close to trumping those stats. It simply means that when the team does not play well Bale does not score because the opposing team can...
For All those foolishly declaring Tottenham a one man team. Bale has 21 goals, 4 assists this season in the league (totenham had a total of 66 goals) RVP had 2...
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