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4 years ago
I think it's time to change stoke's penalty taker. walters have proved time and again he can't take penalties.
"Are you willing to bet against Spain for the next world cup because they played badly in this tournament?" i would.
You dont go to club world cup as europa league winners.
5 years ago
If you're so smart enlighten me. indeed i can't read.
Who do you mean isn't considered a player with good technique? lamps or luiz?
I always thought pep was just mediocre. i guess vilanova proved it to be otherwise.
I tell you what should be disallowed. united's third goal against chelsea earlier in the season.
Unmarked? you can't be serious. he was sandwiched by 2 defenders. valdes should have come for that.
Real madrid is going to win the champions league.
Lol. victor valdes as goalkeeper. what more do you expect.
Oscar, for your info, made more interceptions and tackles than hazard and mata combined for the season so far. so i have no idea where your claim comes from. an...
I would gladly switch torres for giroud lol.
I like the respect you give other teams. unlike some other fans who just hates.
Don't count your chickens before they hatch. for all you know juventus might lose the next game and we win. then we will be the ones who go through and not you.
I didn't think we played well at all. shakhtar outpassed us for the whole game. the way they kept possession was just amazing. to be honest we were lucky to win...
I didn't watch the game but seems from the highlights it seems like chelsea look more lively after torres was subbed out.
Be glad he scored. at least faster than torres lol.
I'll like to see how the analyst can continue running with someone's arm wrapped around his waist when one of his foot is on the defender's thigh and the back l...
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