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I thought walking was another work for a second there... :0
3 years ago
Who do we want marking Bale at the weekend?
Let's get physical!
I think I could have finished all of Ronaldo's finishes today! That goes down to the super assists!!
Any United fans hating Rooney still should just be thankfull he didn't leave for pittance... Personally I would have been disappointed if he had left.
Cheers mate:)
... Unless it's Manchester City or Chelsea that is!
Thanks for the add mate, doubled-up on your cool votes! :D Sad to see Rooney go though... Would you think you would support his future club?
Yeah... I think it will be sad if Rooney leaves. I know lots of United fans on here are slagging him off but I think Rooney is/was United. We have no one waitin...
Just wanted to say.. we wont see that badge being kissed from that legend again!
Hey bro.. sending you cool votes!
Cool votes back at you!
Bale looks like he's out to impress europes elite!
Job done.... doesn't really fill me of hope. Not really sure what to think at the moment. Need a convincing win to make all the fans feel better, not sure an aw...
Thanks for the add ElToroFurioso-2 cool votes 4u!
This rule seems a bit stupid... I'm sure any club would be more than happy to give him the 5m back at a later day if he bought his contract out and signed for t...
Anyone got any good Rooney chants for tomorrow?
Thanks for the add mate... 2 cool points for you!
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