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Lampard has never been fast, but to say he isn't creative or shouldn't start is wrong. Although he didn't have a great game here, he often ends up as man of the...
5 years ago
(they won the first leg 1-0, drew the second 2-2...)
Germany are a great team but seem to have problems dominating friendlies, but then do really well when it matters - in qualifying and tournaments. England do it...
Loew has got Germany to at least the semi finals of every major tournament since taking over. Maybe only Del Bosque could boast a better record.
Portugal denmark was a great game too, but this one was more open, with more chances i reckon.
I think that takes Messi's goals to 82 this season for club and country...
Denmark to shock everyone and make it out of that group?? nobody's given them a chance...
England?? lol :D
While i agree, it has to be said that alou diarra and m'villa have had much better seasons...
I assume he's talking about Park Chu Young, the Arsenal forward. I heard something about him 'escaping' national conscription into the South Korean army by play...
Chelsea have mostly been UNLUCKY in the CL the last 5-6 seasons. They consistently do well and they have some very talented players, so maybe, like Drogba says,...
6 years ago
While I generally agree, I should make the point that Bayern DID score...
A lot of teams try to defend well, but Chelsea have made a true art of it. Most people watch football for clever attacking play or silky skills, but defending i...
Bilbao DO have a great passing style introduced by their coach, but are not as consistent at getting it right as Barcelona are...
So it's the team from Madrid who win the challenge to see which club is more 'athletic' hehehe
"1825": Number of votes Cissé's second goal currently has for 'goal of the week', and by far the most I've ever seen.
Hazard is a beast!!
I think he means deflection from his own boot into the back of the net?? lol
MOTD Lawrence: "Wigan did to Newcastle what Newcastle have done to the last 6 teams they've played" so true!!
Crouch to start for England at the Euros??
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