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Just Great. I was hoping for a draw or a surprise loss for Liverpool but it seems United have lost all desire to play. Hope Mata is enjoying his starting place ...
GEEZUS! Yaya Toure! The only Manchester City player that i like. If only Chelsea had a defensive mid with his kind of skill, besides Matic
It's clear why Messi is a ballon d'or candidate but I would rather have Ribery or Ronaldo take the title....
@FijianRed, Are you mentally retarded? It's not the fan's decision whether to keep a manager or not. If you ask me, we were fine with Ancellotti.
@reventon, Terry was best of friends with Drogba....and A.Cole...???
So he can rot on the bench just like Kaka did?
Falcaoo!! Oh my God! That assist gave me tears of joy because of how superb it was! Hats off to you sir and all Atletico Madrid supporters...
5 years ago
^the fact that you're a Barcelona supporter makes your comment more hilarious
Though I only watched part of the beginning of the second half, I feel that Madrid really messed up in the first leg. The whole team has to take most of the bla...
But he's won 4 ballon d'ors in a row?
Bayern Munich: 34.3% possession and 15 shots. Barcelona 65.7 % possession and only 4 shots? BAHAHAHAHAHAHA pathetic. Just goes to show that possession doesn't m...
Well that's your opinion. Doesn't make it fact but i respect it nonetheless.
English team won it last season. Are you too retarded to remember. One bad season and everyone is on a league's case...smh
Galatasaray were only playing for pride today. They went out fighting which is good. They didn't lie down and let Real walk over them. It sucks they were raped ...
Topshotta, im sorry but Chelsea defended better than that s**t defence Milan had lol No hard feelings mate. We both have next year to make up for this season's ...
Wow. Real s**t quality this Milan team is. Trying to defend and counter attack at the Nou Camp? Who do they think they are? Chelsea? Cheers to all the 100 perce...
They really got to step up then. Chelsea got a 1-0 lead the first leg against Barca last season and Barca lost a 2-0 lead at the Nou Camp against a 10 man Chels...
Wow, Arsenal are just something else this season. It'll take luck and hard work to overturn this deficit unless it is destined for the gooners to crash out
Never say never. Chelsea overcame a 3-1 deficit last year.
I've seen him play for Argentina. Believe me, he's a shadow of his Barcelona self.
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