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9 hours ago
It's definitely settled down. Let's just forget about it altogether and focus on the positives concerning our rivalry with Chelsea. There are a lot of awesome C...
2 days ago
To be frank, there is no pressure on our team to win the title whatsoever. Liverpool have already exceeded everyone's expectations and now they can simply play ...
Here's one Liverpool fan hoping Chelsea wins the CL. A lot of unwarranted hate has been spewing out from both sets of supporters recently and on behalf of all L...
Mate, you're not doing yourself any favor if you persist in this condescending fashion. You do realize that your reputation is going down the shitter if you inc...
3 days ago
Holy s**t that is graphic. I can't help but feel sorry for the guy and I can only imagine the amount of agony he must be experiencing. I wish him a speedy recov...
Skrtel's defending on set pieces is suicidal. My heart palpitates every time I see him tugging someone's shirt in the box and we definitely could have lost all ...
Gerrard has not received a yellow card in 5 games, so he's starting with a clean slate again.
4 days ago
Spigy nailed it on the head.
I found some interesting stats concerning City's away record against the 3 teams that they have yet to visit this season. Take a look. City have played at Anfi...
Perhaps this is the perfect opportunity for Lederp to showcase his embedding abilities again :)
1 week ago
There are a certain number of factors that you have to take into consideration. Arsenal, on one hand, are on the cusp of ending another season, where they pro...
@Mustakrakish696, I wasn't trying to give you the impression that I'm discouraging you from visiting this site. I didn't mean to put on this imposing, tough-guy...
The kits aren't bad at all. Sure, they aren't AMAZING by any stretch of the imagination, but they're not horrible either. If you compare the 14/15 kits to our c...
Dortmund were so unfortunate in the end, I really feel for them. I wanted Lewa to make one more UCL final appearance in a yellow shirt but that won't happen. O...
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@Guidas, it doesn't matter, Chelsea has a corrupt Russian billionaire owner who will always supply you with enough money to purchase any player of your choice. ...
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Clattenburg is one of the most impartial refs out there atm. He's my personal favourite.
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