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@SIF, thanks man. I didn't know that much about his situation. I'm only asking because I read multiple articles saying the same thing, I wouldn't otherwise. So ...
2 years ago
^^ Oh gawd. hahahaha. XD Well, then it's a typical example of sheeple following their own bias then. those who can't recognise skill and ability in others (even...
Lol, just called it that because I didn't want to write a whole thing about transfers and bids. and "Pedro event" sounded too weird to me. :P
Nope. he hasn't passed his medical yet. after that, there should be an agreement, then contract signing.
The level of Sarcasm in this post is too damn high!
So I was reading some articles on the recent Pedo incident, and I saw a couple ones that talked about how Cesc and Valdes both spoke to Pedro before he made a d...
So glad to see thousands of Chelsea fans showing true heart here. especially after all those poser fans in the Paris metro and the like. http://www.london24.co...
^^ he's right. the only time it needs to fully cross the line to be considered inside is when it's the ball. but with fouls, on the line = in. this was a good ...
"Diego Costa could invade an average-sized country all by himself" -- An actual quote from Diego Costa's new Biography that just hit the shelves.
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C. Lloyd just made history with the fastest ever hat-trick in a world cup final. in both men's and women's.
Of course it's fake. but you know, it's always funny. especially since it's from such a reputable site. XD
Hey KGB, was just wondering what was bad about my comment? from my pov, I was just making an observation. so, hope no one was offended or something.
No idea. I guess someone decided to tag Chelsea in it?
I just can't handle this awesomeness. Lol. http://www.fourfourtwo.com/features/cech-focused-not-winning-trophies-arsenal
Wow. so we're linked with Higuain as well? with all this striker-transfer talk, who do you guys think would be next in our striker pool? (note; not who we want...
Congrats on winning it again guys. fully deserved. looking forward to our next expected head to head in the knock-out rounds next year! :)
Change the 'm' to a 'b' then we MIGHT consider it.
3 years ago
Will we be calling him that often? kinda like a "artist formerly know as Prince" thing? hahaha. and no, I think he's still got it, but Untd don't know how to u...
Well if he's only betting with 2 eruros, It think he can afford to lose that. hahaha. my own rule is, don't bet anything unless you are willing to lose whatever...
^^ agreed. F50's are the best if you want the smaller ones. Them being really light is a big plus because you won't really feel them as much when you play, whic...
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