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Change the 'm' to a 'b' then we MIGHT consider it.
3 days ago
Will we be calling him that often? kinda like a "artist formerly know as Prince" thing? hahaha. and no, I think he's still got it, but Untd don't know how to u...
4 days ago
Well if he's only betting with 2 eruros, It think he can afford to lose that. hahaha. my own rule is, don't bet anything unless you are willing to lose whatever...
^^ agreed. F50's are the best if you want the smaller ones. Them being really light is a big plus because you won't really feel them as much when you play, whic...
9/10 The guy has been our go to man for goals since the start of the season. and he's produced time and time again. A lot of people say that the style Chelsea ...
Agree with Zilch and RedDevil. ESO didn't live up to the hype. but I got the Witcher 3 a while back and I'm loving it. beautiful scenery, fun fast and intense g...
Nah. I think it looks good. Have to agree with C61 though. Loved the 12/13 kit. Still my fave for a long time. But this doesn't look bad at all. I like the coll...
1 week ago
Lol at JT pranking Cahill! It's on JT's Instagram! Check it out! JohnTerry.26 (Thanks to Nimi for the heads up on this.)
Who was it again asking for a 2015/16 kit leak? https://pbs.twimg.com/media/CE-yUOZXIAIykki.jpg (Mods embed this one please^^) Check it out over here: http:...
9/10 here. the guy has been a beast at the back, and supports Hazard whenever possible. and I love his positive reaction to us buying Luis. he fought even harde...
9.5/10 Easily the best defender in the league, and given his age and lack of pace, it's astounding at how well he performs day in and day out. he's probably bee...
Wow. Just wow. is there a way to like something multiple times? because I want to like this multiple times.
Hahaha. Aron, I just tend to sleep early instead and then wake up for the matches. seems easier for me, maybe you can give it a try. :)
In clubs like RM, or Barca, or Bayern, or the like, they tend to expect their players to play at their peak for every second of every game of every season. for ...
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Well the question was not about how the FA voting board rated him, but about the opinions of us fans right? so if Theo and Niru thinks he's a 6/10 then that's t...
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2 weeks ago
That line about Adam Johnson Won it for me. hahaha. Awesome as always Bluff! XD
^^DAMN. how do I get you as a friend? XD
1 month ago
Lol. You guys make it seem like it's such a weird thing to see. many of us wish teams luck. especially on this site. :P maybe not often to you guys, but yeah. ...
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