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Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSbKXQAhpZA&feature=youtu.be LOOOOOOOOOL
6 years ago
You just think that since the defenders have no chance against the kind of strikers that Brazil makes
@AFGMADRIDISTA the carrol part made me laugh LOOL
Higuin did nothing in Copa America
Benzema over Higuin
Balloteli has the guts to do a back heel in a game i want to see how many other football players would have the guts to do that
One of the Manchester United fans just said that Rio Ferdinand = Zinedine Zidane LOL that's funny
Never compare Rio Ferdinand to Zinedine Zidane or use them in the same sentence
I dislike Man United a lot :)
Guys forget about Copa America i can guarantee you that Brazil will win teh World CUp in 2014 with the players they have it will be like the old Brazil team in ...
Somewhere on FootyTube
Man United shouldn't talking s**t talking about Liverpool cause Liverpool butt raped them when Suarez was there and Liverpool has higher chance of winning it th...
I wonder how Ronaldo became popular he was selfish when he started off his career if you seen him in Manchester Untied he was selfish before he came to Real Mad...
I can see Neymar wearing the Real Madrid jersey in the future. Sometimes i feel like he will be the next Ronaldo the Brazilian one
Paraguay basically played 10 players behind the ball it's not that easy to score against 10 defenders also Paraguay only had hope on a counter attack
Let's be real Brazil played well and Paraguay were getting lucky every time. The penalties were horrible from both teams and Brazil the team is full of players ...
Aguero is not the best player in Argentina right now
Neymar is still young the whole Brazil team is young except some players and about Messi he needs support like he has in Barcelona
Somewhere on FootyTube
And this is why many people hate Manchester United
All the madrista's should show more respect for Kaka
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