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That ref... where the hell did they find that clown?
Somebody left open the gate to retard-town. call the army, we have to close it fast!
Wtf... You can easily stop the ARD video at the moment he passes the ball -> no offside!
Brazil? If you said Italy... but Brazil?! The last time they have shown the world great football was in 2002.
Yes they had luck but there was no offside before the 2-0. Austrias leftback makes it onside
I saw nothing that justifies his arrogance. Media compared him with Pele and Maradonna... thats just ridiculous. You know its true!
Balotelli is such a poser... hes like Gomez. When its not his "lucky day" he just playes sh**. One of the most overrated players!
Lol BHAKUNDO Did you ever watch a football match yourself or do you just read your biased newspapers -.-
Great match, the pen was a joke! Good fight by limited greeks but they never really had a chance to win this. Maybe 1:1 you can also consider a Foul by Samaras ...
When Bayern is smart enough they'll let the "B team" play their last 2 BuLi matches. Chelsea should do the same if they can afford it.
6 years ago
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