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@Daniel4ing; 3rd gear? if I'm not mistaken, Honduras was leading and had control of the game until the ref joined in to be the 12th man for Brazil. @NaniExpres...
5 years ago
What a horrible display of football by Neymar, Damiao, and Oscar... The whole world is booing at you. Brazilian Coach said that they are booed because of cultur...
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Why is the French Government fussing over this? aren't the getting more money from the tax?
I wouldn't say "perfect," he is able to communicate well, but still struggles to word his thoughts. anyways, I don't want to see him leave Bayern, he is such gr...
Hats off to BVB for another phenomenal season. Hopefully Bayern defense will play better against Chelsea.
I think they were saving Higuain for the 5th kick, other than him, its Khedira, Marcelo, Pepe, Arbeloa, or Casillas
"only when your team wins ( which happens even more rare than Torres scores)" really? La Liga is mostly competition between Real and Barca, and Real had the eas...
I've been following Bayern through thick and thin. We usually keep quiet because we admit that the other teams came out on top fair and square. We don't talk ab...
I think the absence of John Terry will be hard for Chelsea, as controversial as he is, he is a world-class defender.
I think BHAKUNDO is Ricky Gervais
Well, I was just a bit annoyed by this man posting about how Chelsea is going to beat Bayern because they were able to beat Barca, every freaking hour. Football...
I mean he has contained Ronaldo better than anyone that I've seen, and still was able to overlap for pressuring attack
Yea I thought so, @Neuer made things confusing...
I would say he wasn't himself, well no one from RM was except for Casillas. Even Ozil was losing balance too easily. I just think that Bayern players had more d...
Oh wow... I don't even... If anything in UEFA history is changing, its that Bayern will be the first team to win as the hosting team. I do think Chelsea has a c...
Greece actually won the Euro by having a solid defensive game, not playing 9-0-0 for games against tough teams. and okay, we get it, Chelsea came out on top, wh...
Well, Your bosses, teachers, or professors usually hates you
I thought the stars were for Champions League wins, like how Dortmund only has one on their shirt
Only thing that sucks about this is that I'm gonna have get another shirt with 5 stars
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