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Egarran nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (5') for Goal of the Week
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Egarran nominated Z. Ibrahimovic (36') for Goal of the Week
5 years ago
You can smile, little wizard. It's ok.
Shaktar must have been really scared of Nordsjaelland. Or they think it's ok to troll small, upcoming teams in the CL for the first time: Welcome to the elite, ...
I admit I was kind of hoping it was these two clowns doing the commentary.
Don't mention the four.
I must have seen 100 games with Pedro, but i still don't really know what he looks like. Most anonymous face ever.
It's like they all turned into mini-Laudrups.
Great referee, btw. Seems the game could have easily collapsed into Iberian chaos.
That was pretty strange how Portugal handled the penalties. Or it was just unprofessional. Poor Alves. Silly Ronaldo.
It's hard to dislike Portugal when they play like that. Complete ownage in the 2. half and well deserved win. I don't think Russia could have beat them either.
Fair enough, although you imply that Holland isn't a small team. Which is clearly wrong.
Some commentators were saying that Bendtner would have got the penalty if he had just gone down instead of trying to finish. Which makes no sense whatsoever. It...
You're from Portugal? Maybe that's why you can't see it, but generally, the Portuguese players are a lot more fragile than their opponents. I suppose it's not s...
I would call the Portuguese diving style pathetic and unfair if I didn't know it would make portuguese fans beam with pride and joy.
It's not always easy finding music from Two Steps from Hell, but it's always worth it. They have made tons of awesome pieces for soundtracks.
Thanks! I just like to be able to click the points of the individual player and see the breakdown, instead of suffering those horrible arithmetic demands. ...
Bump. Also, points data?
The sane thing would be to either stop playing or stop taking it seriously.
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