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Welcome claudio
6 years ago
Zarate isnt coming forlan is the last signing of the year. And Kucks signed starting from January 3 years from now we will be so competitive!as well with Poli g...
No worries guys you can't win every year and we re in debt alot of debt. so the right thing was to bring in young players our squad was getting old and we neede...
We are doing ok we necessitate more offensive players (Forlan,Zarate). defence needs to get better. positive notes Alvarez and Faraoni. Unfortunately this year ...
Moratti sei un figlio di puttana!!!!!! sei una merda se noni arrivano tre giocatori di qualita ci rovini stronzo!
:/ I really wish for Nasri to join us we would be set to win the Premier League
True true
7 years ago
Mou come back
Now its time for you to change your pic to zanetti or something because its really hard to be pleased with Snijder
Look id love to agree with you but did you see the penalty they werent given at the beginning an it was a dive but it was a foul. And oh please dont try to just...
The difference is we are defending european champions and that idiot Branca doesn't know how to sign players worth of that name. Im saying until the guy wakes u...
this season we have terrible players no high quality signing such as Van Bommel, Ibrahimovic, Robinho, Emanuelson, Cassano, Boateng I believe you guys deserved...
TERRIBLE INTER DISGUSTED ME TODAY screw Snijder he has no intentions of doing good. Please never let me see Chivu Snijder Maicon Cambiasso playing for us ever a...
WALLY! when he comes back its gona be emotional for me but we have so many good defenders It would be hard to pick a line up. + Am I the only one that believes ...
We need him or whatever but the problem is Id rather lose the derby than have him injured
Hey im of the fede nerazzurra but growing up in milan with many juventini friends it pains me to not see them as eccited as they were in 2006 or earlier What I ...
Hahaha if we spend big money id rather have sanchez
Julione: yeah Im not taking anything away from Thiago I just believe right now as it is id rather have cou on the field
Barcellona passes Madrid vs Tottenham honestly I feel a 50/50 Chelsea Man utd I believe Chelsea has more motivations to win and Inter Schalke INTER WILL WIN
What kind of roma fan supports napoli?
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