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Glad to see bosingwa back! no disrepsect but ferrera is no longer good enough to start for us,. "Bosingwa if he stays fit for the rest of the season we'll win t...
7 years ago
What does umm mean??? Ballack sed some good points. and its good to go into the Match with this mentality. umm
8 years ago
Edgar Kays knows the knowledge, Chelsea 4 Life
Liverpool got beat by tottenham and then by aston villa,. so its hard to see how they plan on beating Barca, or Madrid or Bayern Munich or Chelsea or .......
We need to buy in january if we want to win the champions league and the prem and maybe a domestic cup,.. chasing trophies like we're doing puts you at a risk f...
Obviuosly we want a Draw!! that way both teams drop two points each.
Arjen Robben is better now than he was when he was at chelsea,. He is still only 26 or 26 yrs old and still has a bit more to give,. i dont know how "selfish" y...
BigNav you're pissed off at something that was seaid months ago, Drogba is playing well now for Ancelotti everyone can see that, even though its only three prem...
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