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I'm just saying man. Have some confidence in your team. It's f*****g Liverpool we're talking about not Barca or Bayern. And even if it was Barca or Bayern there...
3 weeks ago
^I would absolutely love it if we buy Ibra. Even tho he's getting old
Piers Morgan
I'm gonna be the one who says it :D Where is the guy who said we have "absolutely zero chance" to win this game? LMAO
Zero chance we'll win? LMAO @Mancha10 Please don't disappear from the forum if we win
1 month ago
@franky4fingers We have played with a variation of 4-2-3-1 almost every match this season. the 3-5-2 formation has been used only a couple of times.
We were on course to win this and we were actually doing well and we could have scored more with those missed chances. Too bad half our defenders are made of gl...
^The plan was the same as all the other games. LVG wants the team to attack like this every game, but when teams park the bus we can't break them down. Newcastl...
We should try someone like that after LVG. If we appoint any of the names mentioned we either get very lucky like we did when the club appointed SAF, or most of...
The players didn't do jack s**t for more than an hour, then the manager makes a few substitutions and we start to look threatening. and one of the subs makes a ...
^Deep and organised with eleven players behind the ball. That's parking the bus.
Party over for leicester
Pep has had great players playing in every position in both Barca and Bayern. But still he often loses against oppositions with the same level of squad (Pep's B...
Wolfsburg weren't this good at the time.
2 months ago
It's a big test. We'll see if he can put his insight into practice. If he does well he might just be the perfect long term SAF replacement.
Red devil since he was that little
3 months ago
He should fire his agent if he's the one giving him directions
Who was calling LVG crazy for subbing Rooney off? Had he stayed on we wouldn't have scored the second. Beautiful pass from Herrera.
Easier said than done^
Please people. Let yourself calm down a bit and then come back to criticize. Boring football? not tonight. Not in the second half and the extra time anyway. Why...
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