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Soccer and sports in general, chilling with friends, any kind of challenge and people with a little bit of brain at least
Fans with no brain who write on other teams' pages
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University student, love to laugh and crack jokes, looking to meet cool people on FT who love the game just like me, will do pretty much anything to watch a Chelsea game
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4 years ago
Sorry if this has already been posted. Still the sort of thing u can watch over and over again (hint: our child-man gentle hearted beast). Even at my age, I hav...
We're all together
This season preview, written by Chelsea supporters like us, has everything from insight on every player in the squad, to details on the academy to competitor an...
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Not sure if this has been posted already, it's the 20 year EPL table: we can be pretty...
"London is my home and Chelsea is my family" -Didier Drogba I don't think we can every thank u in words for what you have done Drogba, a true ...
That just made my day..again hehe
YEAHHHHHHHHHHHHH....CHELSEA!!!CHAMPIONS OF EUROPEEEEEE!!!FINALLYYYYYYYY IT'S OURSSSS!!!! and let's celebrate the GREATEST group of guys in all of sports; no TE...
Uhm...messi is no drogba, but he's no pushover either..
So...we beat barcelona...with 10 men and no centre backs...please someone tell me what that means ....cuz all i've been hearing all week is that we were gonna g...
6 years ago
It will be for one of the manchester clubs!!
Bro, im not saying it's easy to do. just presenting what i feel, which is why this forum is here. some of the things i listed here are basic requirements for an...
Reasons why RDM won't get the long-term job: 1)bad lineup/positions:Drogba should have started v City and Torres (or both) v Spurs. This game was begging for s...
To me it's obvious Drogba doesn't care about the epl as much as the CL. why can't he bring the same intensity as he did against napoli? he lacked intensity in t...
Should definitely be played more. brings plenty of energy and passion into the game. that's what youngsters bring i guess. at chelsea we are privileged, we have...
Ridiculous really. if your team was leading a heated must win game with minutes left and you've used all 3 subs but one of your players asks to be subbed...woul...
Thumbs up for the comment and a cool vote for having the balls to post it
I would like to see Moyes for sure!
FOR SURE!! he can control the egos, and is a forward thinker. he'll have plan Bs and use the youth too.
I wanted Pep last summer, but that's like wanting to tap JLo....we can only dream
Hang in there guys. as much as i'm disgusted at the lack of patience and stability in our club and the incompetence of our board, Roman is doing what he's doing...
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