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Also fantastic game by Podolski after gettin criticized in the media!!!
5 years ago
Dzeko NO!!! Super Sub! " I will never be a Super Sub! I wanne play!"
Ihr braucht DEFINTIV einen technischen versierteren Mittelstürmer. Es hat sich - wieder mal-bestätigt das Gomez für solche Speile nicht genug Klasse hat. Fü...
6 years ago
Never seen a more undesevered CL-Titel like this! But Bayern didn't put his chances into goals.. so Chelsea revenged it. I'm happy for players like Lampard, Dro...
Awesome, how Llorente began to cry at the end of the match... Flech Crawl. Respect to Bilbao!!!!!! Great Performence!
I can't agree with the statement that Dzeko is useless... Ok, I am a Dzeko fan since he came to the German Bundesliga. But you are totally wrong when you say he...
The reaction of Cisse is a bit to harsh, but i also understand his exagerradet behavior...
Ikrau: Could it be that you are a bit to upset about Liverpool and how they stand in the League table and now you looking for a way to compensate it ????!!! I T...
I just cant understand how people can say that dzeko is selfish. He is definitely not selfish! I saw him 3 year in the Bundesliga and he never was to selfish. ...
What the f**k are you talking about... Dzeko is selfish???? What is Agüero then???? The new Carlos "Ignorant, egoistic" Tevez... You fool!
As a striker in this team he should try... why not... he got the skills!
Come on... i wouldnt say that dzeko stolen the ball from agüero. Agüero was nearly falling down so Dzeko was trying to get it in but Agüeros' leg was in betw...
@ ClassicMovies.... You know nothing about Dzeko aren't you?! Dzeko is a sriker. He sometimes has to be selfish.Otherwise you didn't score goals in such a team....
Dzeko didnt need to be a "star player" in this team. For this job you got Silva, Agüero and maybe Nasri. Good to see that Edin is scoring goals and he does his...
I like the "new" City team with their cleverness and the way they play. Still contacting an passing the ball is much better to see. Silva for me is the best pla...
City was very good in the first 20-30 minutes. Deserved at least one penalty, and a second as well. After that Bayern woke up and they were just to strong for c...
Hopefully Mancini will let them play in the same formation as in the whole season... heared that he will play just with Agüero in the front, and without Dzeko ...
I think the game was pretty good by both teams.Napoli was good in their fast counter attacks and they knew that you dont get any chance against City when you pl...
Hey guys, did anybody know if i could get tickets for the 10.12.2011 Chelsea vs. Man City game from now on??? If not, when could i get the them? I'm no club-...
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