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Herrera has been on the bench these past months...Blind has been playing on D, not mid...we're fine.
1 day ago
I don't particularly like 352, but why can't these pros figure it out? They are so static and uncreative. I can't just blame the players. Use your brain and fig...
1 week ago
Bad decision I think. Short-sighted. Should have gone to Ajax. Would've trained under Bergkamp, de Boer, Overmars, Stam etc. and then could've gone to any club ...
If the agent is talking to RM then he's doing his job. He'd be raising DDG's bargaining power in contract talks by showing much other clubs are willing to pay h...
Maybe his wife's sister, so his sister-in-law? In which case...well played, Oscar, well played. But if his biological sister, then...
Maybe if we get better defenders LVG will be more open to the 4-4-2. Also, I like the idea of taking the lead via 4-4-2 and then reverting to 3-5-2 to close up ...
Why would Fergie block Pogba? Just because he f****d up by letting him leave? It would be an even bigger f**k up to block up just for that reason.
My enemy's enemy is my friend. Arsenal are the bigger threat to us. In all wars, it's important to not let emotions override logic. It's business, not personal.
2 weeks ago
People were definitely calling for Wilson to start earlier in the year when RVP was struggling.
Totally agree with you Micky. It's the same reason why those soccer freestyle guys with amazing juggling skills can't quit their day job.
It determines the rank of each team by analyzing each team's results with consideration of the opponent's ranking. Sounds extremely circular.
Agree with the "it's just banter" crowd. The problem is, I think, that it's hard to communicate subtleties over the internet. Sarcasm, jokes, ribbing etc. easil...
To be honest, after watching James' goal again, I really can't see what's so special about it. It's a nice volley, yes, but these happen all the f*****g time. S...
So PaRa, because Wegner smoked in the past, it's hypocritical if he doesn't encourage smoking today? What's your logic?
Just to be clear, I wasn't implying that Luiz should be there...
RVP's will always be remembered. James' is on its way to being forgotten. Don't know whether to think it's a conspiracy or just that people in general are idiot...
Who would you put there besides Luiz?
Why are people so fixated on their manager being interactive? Even if he did it, it would have a marginal effect at best.
Yeah, when I saw him push the ball into the ref, I thought he would get a yellow for sure. Not sure why it was passed over. We don't really know what happened. ...
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