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Karthik, with all respect, just eat your words. You sound ridiculous trying to justify your 'midtable' opinion after the guy scores two goals and assists the th...
2 days ago
Well he's probably starting against Spurs, so that should clear things up. Also, he has been injured for a while so even if there wasn't the Spurs game, there's...
Yeah late runs through the middle from his own half...like a striker
Karthik, I understood you. I knew you meant when playing in the CAM / CM role. I still think you're drunk :)
If they get fined, that's ridiculous. Teams should be able to do whatever they need to in order to win.
Rooney only good enough for a mid table team? Go home, Karthik, you're drunk.
LVG is successful, one reason for this being that he is willing to take advice. That's why he always likes to keep a member of the old staff when starting a new...
6 days ago
Yeah I don't mind Liverpool as a team, and normally wouldn't be feeling the schadenfreude that I do now, if it wasn't for their bloody annoying fans who were so...
All I know is, is that both are better than Nani.
He's good, but I'd never ever want to see him play for Man Utd.
PeterGooner, did you watch the game? The flow etc. was no different before and after the red. And if my team suffered a red I'd be able to say it had no impact ...
1 week ago
People were giving us a hard time for being happy with a draw at home against Chelsea. Nothing wrong with being happy with salvaging a point, despite your other...
1. Ashley Barnes Also, some other people scored some goals.
The red had no impact on the game. Get over it. Refs get it wrong sometimes, but if it's relevant, why discuss it, let along mention it as defining the game.
Do you really think United aren't looking for WC defenders?? There is reality that you must consider. First, you can only sign players during specific periods....
Kind of douchey, no?
Also...way too early to be talking about it when Chelsea still are indestructible at the moment (despite their loss the other week). Should just focus on stayin...
2 weeks ago
Great box to box midfielder. Who would've thought.
They're both top goalies. It would be asinine to get into a battle about who is better.
I think this is a bad idea.
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