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I'm a fan of Vlaar. I'd be happy to see him here. Sure he is injury prone but it would be weird for a ManU player not to be. He's a big, solid, aggressive, smar...
5 days ago
Can't see ManU playing tiki taka. Just feels wrong. Like selling out.
1 week ago
Get over it? It's your coach in the media buddy. Everyone except the blind can see Real screwed this up. "win-win" LOL
But Strootman has the same problem as Vidal. Strootman recently tore his ACL. We don't know whether he will recover the same form he had before. So it's all ten...
International break! Stay tuned!
Still made me laugh pretty hard...
#10 really cracked me up lol
2 weeks ago
I won't say much--others have already said it better than I could. All I will say is that those of you who question the value of Rooney to this club are insane ...
Back 5 or back 4? with back 5 you got 11 players...
Columbia is playing Canada in New York
Why they whistling him?
It's not because of the armband. LVG hasn't subbed RVP in the last 3-4 games when he was without the armband. LVG just prefers RVP, period. As for the debate, ...
Please not Alves. Agree with Valencia. He played well enough so I'd mind him sticking around. However, there was one play that really bugged me and highlights ...
If you look up close at how his foot makes contact with the ball, it looks like a mishit. Still, from the broadcast view, it looks like an amazing pass. So I ju...
Proactivefan, which top CBs would you have bought if you were in charge? Exactly.
Retribution for a complete incidental accident? That deserves a deliberate dirty tackle? Came here to congratulate you guys, but that's just bullshit. Cahill sh...
I think we missed Rooney this match. Some don't like him a lot but I think he adds a lot. Mata did hardly anything. Maybe he was a bit rusty, but Rooney is just...
I think it's safe to say Chelsea isn't just one of our biggest challenges so far but is the biggest challenge we'll face all season.
Dude, it's been 6 games. 6. QFT. A win and ManU could be in 4th. Just worry about filling your stadium like every other self-respecting big club does.
Hasn't been good this season? You're trolling, surely. 3 goals, 2 assists. Yeah he sucks.
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