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@LouisVanGoal....you mean the agent was doing his job? How does that make him a scumbag? He does what is in the best interest of his principal. Obviously the mo...
5 days ago
Lol he sounds like chewbacca.
1 week ago
Really hope they don't play Ajax.
2 weeks ago
Yeah out of respect for his wishes we should just call him Memphis.
I was skeptical of this, but then this morning Mueller apparently liked a facebook post by Man Utd.
Yeah I agree with SiF. I've only ever really considered fourth as the realistic goal. Even with that, I'm a little worried...
3 weeks ago
@Gohonaf, I feel the exact same way...
4 weeks ago
I always liked him and thought we should have hung on to him.
1 month ago
De Jong!
Agree that he does get knocked around more than he should, but it's usually harder to hold the ball in the position that forwards have to than elsewhere on the ...
I agree. Chicha was the one loan/transfer that I didn't like. At the very least, he offers a more mobile option upfront. I hope he returns and at least gets ano...
Because football is a 'what-have-you-done-for-me-lately' profession. You think LVG's glittered history prevents him from ridicule and getting the sack if the te...
@Jeroen Calm down. I admitted I don't follow the league so don't know the whole story and invited an explanation. Don't get so defensive.
Also...the Liverpool voters are likely to split among several contenders. If we all vote for Balo then it should work.
Sry, but I don't understand how this guy is so revered. Maybe something can explain it to me. Yes, he's had success, yes he's a big personality, but his team ha...
Vote for Balotelli! http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/united-fans-attempt-to-hijack-liverpool-s-player-of-the-year-competition
I'm pretty sure everyone would notice your main midfielder walking off...It was 4-1 and hardly enough time to equalize even if they could. I thought it was hila...
Game was over...
Likes how he shouldered/shielded the ball a couple times. Strong defending.
Impossible question. It assumes that if those players played in those positions in the past, they would play in the same manner as they are now, which we can't ...
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