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Please look at net spending please. Doesn't make sense to look at gross. Yeah we bought a lot of players but we got rid of even more. Puts all that spending in ...
3 years ago
I still don't understand why he got sacked.
I think it's satire. Making fun of the people who have losts their heads and just repeatedly call for LVG's sack after every game.
Ok, we get it. The offence is struggling.
The most rational Man Utd critic here is a Chelsea fan. Shows you how petulant you lot have become (except for a few here and there).
They're the top team in the league. Why is it a game "we should have won"?
Good riddance.
They just showed them talking intently with each other.
Well he wasn't getting any playing time here.
No. We're a point from 1st in the league, behind Leicester of all teams. He's not getting dropped because of failing to win the CL ffs.
You know nothing Jon Snow
I don't know if anyone has posted it yet, but great gesture by the PSV fans: http://www.thesportbible.com/articles/luke-shaw-posts-message-on-instagram-to-psv-...
I really hope we don't deal at all with RM. I don't care who we could get, it will just be a drawn out and lame saga. Forget them. I agree with going with Griez...
We'll all miss SAF. And I doubt we'll ever have as good a manager. But LVG is also good.
I can see that normally that is an own goal--technically it should be--but it seems it should go to Bastian. Although the shot wasn't on target, he seemed like ...
Apparently him and lewandowski had a falling out, thus the want to leave bayern. seems legit.
What do you guys think of these stories about Robben joining us in January?
Looks like fairly serious ankle injury. He left the stadium on crutches.
With respect, this is not a good idea. Every "debate" on such a charged topic is going to end in ridiculous and vitriolic attacks and rhetoric. This is a footy ...
Man, can we save the political discussions for the Discuss boards of the National Post and Reddit?
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