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Agree :-) and he looks better too :-)
8 years ago
At least you got bunjaku...
As all the obvious choices have been mentioned here are a few choice noone has considred and include the word reliable Lucas Leiva - reliable the worst playe...
"that player is just a pussy"? he broke his nose! Ronaldo needs to start using his brain as well as his feet.
I wonder what snejder said to the linesman.... probably: you look like ronaldinho :-)
Dont foget about the handball in the first half... so much for being robbed... a draw is a fair result, eventhough I would have liked us to win
Lehman is such a .........
I could not agree more and his English is improving quite rapidly as well...
Hi Mcartaz. ManU Fan and Yankee Fan goes together nicely ;-) Have fun here!
I hope you are not serious. Streller had a good game but apart from that he is a mediocre player with very rare moments of brilliance. N'Kufo, Derdiyok and Frei...
I understand you anger and feel the same way. While Gallas knew better than to celebrate like crazy, Henry was jumping for joy. What kind of example is that for...
I am really looking forward to this match. It will be a pleasure to watch I am sure. I believe we wont be playing "a negative match" but try to get control over...
Whoever thought of tying the couples shoe together was a genius. It gives Santa wings!
Vote for Tony! "Argentinian grandmother auditions for men in black" I was laughing out loud!
Kaka: "I just saw you on footytube the other day. You look even funnier in real life ;-)"
Lady Invisible and her boyfriend caused uproar on the pitch. Inexplicably, only her boyfriend was later fined.
While number 10's nose is itching, number 3 has bigger problems: Foot Fungus! Call 1-800-F-Fungus to find out how we can help you!
Gosh darn it! I wanted to put the ball into the net, not N'Guemo... http://img101.imageshack.us/img101/1964/bestcaption.jpg
1. A great meal (I always go home to my parents and my mum makes a 5 course dinner, which is really the main reason I love x-mas) 2. A surprise (I do not reall...
Thanks for the add
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