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We can't buy players, can we atleast get a new coach?
3 years ago
Zero penetration until messi and Neymar came on. If Lucho was gonna tinker with the team he should have atleast one of either of the 2 start the game, especiall...
I said before and I am gonna say again. Messi is not the same player ever since the injury. For most of the game save for the goal ofc, he was walking, not pres...
Dude you sound very bitter, didnt u just win the champions league? I dont Kno wether to congratulate you or cry for you after reading your post! geeez!!!!!!!!!
Madrid out of title race
Correction, I tot one game left lol!
Come on!!!!!
Amazing stuff!!
Just saying, is it possible that Messi is secretly nursing an injury that maybe is affecting his performance?
4 years ago
I think in matches like these we need all our most hard working players ie pedro and sanchez, Dont understand why start Neymar and Cesc even Messi. Messi didnt ...
Here we go again. I think its safe to say we just lost the league. I have to say I agree with franky4wingers we dont play as fast as we used to, no quick one t...
Didnt see the game but the stats appear in athleticos favour. I think we have become to predictable plus ofcourse the well know issues we have at the back. I re...
I have to say I agree with Jeroen and San. We were very weak in the air this season both up front and particularly at the back. We should get a decent tall goal...
As i said b4, barca went thru this season with no bench, first team gradually worn down cuz they always playing. The defence worse off and the attack filled wit...
Kai, I seen this coming! gutted!
5 years ago
Druid just Watched
Italy Vs. Brazil
Manu realmadrid play game and mou diverts attention to a game he played against barca. Can u explain wat barca has got to do with that game? strange very strang...
I really think that our key players never get breaks as we dont have a very effective bench. It is possible that fatigue is creeping in, xavi, iniesta messi hav...
Plus I think Ronaldo needs loads of space to be very effective, and barcas defence have allowed him that much room. take away his space and half the job is done...
Yup he is intimidating but i doubt that a scared player would have any success defending against him. I am certain there are defenders who dont scare easily no ...
Maybe u right, i hope u right!
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