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Agreed on former, but not the latter... you want man U to go further in front. I'd rather arsenal win the title this year to be honest... putting local rivalrie...
7 years ago
I wasnt criticising you for it :P, I was saying it was contradicting, but who cares :P. Because it works both ways. Its not competition without a pinch of arrog...
8 years ago
Unlucky on the draw, very well played an I hope the hosts can at least get through this stage in the game!
"Spain are the biggest chokes and flops in World Cup history. Now for once there number one to win it. They will choke like hell and not even make it to the sem...
Im certain the US are a powerhouse in a lot more than just basketball tbh, in and out of the sporting world :P
Lol arrogance taking form of comedy. "He won't be saying much about England after tomorrow." fighting arrogance with arrongance... meh, its a two way attitude...
Raj you're officially awesome :D
Tevez is awesome :)
Doesnt make him a bad player, he sets up the ball for other players to score and doesnt hog the ball... that makes him equally as good as anyone for that fact a...
That game was off the scale :D... go Lampard!
Was arsenals goal not offside?
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