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Ramsey can go f*** himself, his contributions in games has been negative. Jenkinson can't cross for nuts, his crosses either projects straight to an AV player, ...
5 years ago
World class Iraqi goalkeeper. Deserves to play at highest level club football.
The turn around victory was a sweet one but if you've watched the entire game we were getting owned quite badly in the second half until the second goal came th...
Here are some random thoughts that I have. I'll scribble it down on this plain piece of paper. Walcott sux. Couldn't even cross properly. Should be should ASAP...
There is a logical flaw in your argument. Midfield out of steam= Vulnerable defence= 'sloppy, shaky' defence. You contradicted myself. Anyway I was pretty disap...
Arsenal defence was poor. I was always at the edge of my seat whenver Montpellier attacked.
Who needs RVP when we have opponent's defenders to score for us?
I was high and celebrating the victory until RVP scored a hattrick. Happy nonetheless, and gosh, jenkinson and diaby blew me away today!!! The amount of improve...
Portugal's passing throughout the game was atrocious. IMHO Ronaldo was the only one who played well yesterday, and is the only man capable of making a differenc...
From a neutral perspective, I really feel sad for Bayern. They looked like that had waaay more desire to win the champions league than Chelsea. I'm not taking a...
6 years ago
Man U bandwagon fans please do not blame Fergie for anything. He has his reasons for not putting Anderson & Valencia in the starting line-up, eg fatigue levels...
The part when Henry went to Wenger after he scored reminded me of the time when Fabregas ran to Wenger, tearing, after scoring against AC milan (the defending c...
Verminator, the unsung hero :( WAS AWESOME THROUGHOUT THE MATCH!!!
People only care about RVP. To me, the progress that our defense had made is equally incredible. I never thought our defense could piece back together like it d...
@ Minsoup I agree with you that Gervinho was a c**t, and we would have played better with Arshavin or maybe Park. Rosicky was another c**t lol
Wow Suarez just scored the most beautiful goal I've seen since 10 years ago when I started going hardcore on English football. Never do I replay goals like 10 t...
Their team is good, no doubt. Their fans are a bunch of glory-hunting and hypocritical c***s.
Manchester United is just a club for guys like you to find their self-esteem.
Love the 6lory 6lory MAN UTD chants at the beginning of the match. They knew it was coming.
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OF course the board wouldn't want Wenger to leave. Which manager would enable the shareholders to make such easy money?
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