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4 years ago
Dradox wrote in On Matts wall
Okay, thanks for the information and sorry about the abuse pretty much, I'll sort it out the next window.
As you are not PRO+ and are not eligible for cash prizes what I will do is at the end of the competition I will remove 10mill worth of points from your score ba...
Hey, Didn't have the chance to come to the site for the last week, so couldn't change Bravo back to make it fair, if there's any chance to change him now I'd b...
Hi, There was a recent error in pricing of one of the Dreamfooty players (C. Bravo). In the interest of fair competition if you could sell and replace this pla...
Pathetic as hell, I bet you, Somere, are happy as hell yourself, might see some game time for the almighty Anderson who will save us all now.
Dradox nominated A. Januzaj (62') for Goal of the Week
Similar way the clubs are ran(moneyhungry boards and whatnot), sticking with the same manager and his team for what they deserve, the style of play itself which...
Wanted to get him for DF since the beginning, but took Matt a while to add him so when he actually was added I had made all my changes...
He was simply amazing the whole game, first goal was what it was but this is just pure class.
Really nice game by Powell in Europa league, scoring 2 and Wigan won 3-1.
A goal from open play, took long enough, nice turn by Fellaini and nice defending by the defender, good finish though.
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Yup, he's had one bad game, did what he was supposed to in the others, I'm still liking him, just wanna see him in a 3 man midfield and we're good to go. But th...
Ain't that always the case? Even in this forum, there's been plenty of changing opinions, which I don't mind, but they're usually sugargoated with the usual "I ...
Great win, made Napoli look average at best for most of the game. Glad you guys landed Özil, him being my favorite player he deserved far better than the dumb...
Great cross and nice finish, even though I'd say Valencia was distracting the goalkeeper a lot from an offline position I'll take the goal from open play any da...
Yes, it's really flu, and even without it I highly doubt that he would be played, he just went to Japan for two weeks, and we've got loads of games coming up, s...
I want Kagawa to play as well, but people seriously need to stop harping on the "he always got playing time after international games at Dortmund", he did NOT g...
@DavidUnited: Actually, he was rarely played in the next game after the international games at Dortmund.
If he stays and wants to work hard for his spot, there might be a really good future for him.
Dradox nominated Rafael (23') for Goal of the Week
5 years ago
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