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Actually, Messingwithya has been very very very lenient with you. You had a post deleted, and instead of finding a mod, you decide to go onto three pages and ge...
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DrXXXXacula is now friends with MessiingWithYa
Even so Chelsea won the CL and bought some great players like Hazard etc. Bayern as a club still in a total different league to Chelsea. Yeah he will join the ...
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The way Bayern is playing right now and since 2010, they already are a heavyweight above Real. Wouldn't surprise me, if Bayern wins the CL even before Pep is c...
Yeah like you did in 2010 and 2012
Bayern is already dominant as hell. You need to be more tricky, when the opponent staying deep, making no efforts moving forward. Set pieces also sth. were they...
Ba made the bicycle kick like a boss and then Torres tried. What a difference :-D
Not good enough???
Bayern vs Barca next season in CL would be great. No way Robben going to be sold at summer. He is doing a great job and is a teamplayer
Arjen Robben is an assist-monster. Check his stats.
No doubt, Pep would have gone to United, IF SAF would have retired in summer. Doesn't matter maybe in some years... He definitely wants to coach in EPL some day...
Pep gone, so who could replace Benitez? I think Mou or Hiddink coming back to Chelsea would be a dream move for the fans and staff
Disappointed that Pep not coming to City? I thought he will. Any other coaches, who are interesting for City or Mancini for another year?
When Pep took Barca over, they weren't good at all. Bayer ain't an easy task. No trophys and he is under trouble like every other coach, too
Great stuff for Bayern and the Bundesliga. Let's hope the expectations aren't too high. Excited about that
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