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DrTruth nominated L. Suárez (15') for Goal of the Week
4 years ago
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DrTruth just Watched
So Arsenal lose one game and Ozil sucks now? Damn losing faith in one match. Only reason Giroud even looks decent is because of Ozil.
DrTruth just Watched
I agree man, Giroud is just being frustrating. But damn Gervinho is playing great
5 years ago
@Dannymorales21 Are you serious Sahin was the best player in the Bundesliga. Madrid just pulled a Barcelona, get a great player and never play him. Amazing anal...
I remember his Chelsea days, and they were amazing. Chelsea used to kick Man Utd's ass, not always but some games. We had such a good rivalry when Mourinho was ...
It looks like s**t, like some low grade crap. Not saying Man U's is any better. But Barce's is just bad
That Suarez goal got me erect, like no joke. Liverpool has a lot of repairing to do, but they look strong this season.
I actually think Gervinho looked pretty good, Giroud and Podolski just need to get used to the EPL but this game was pretty exciting.
@Juve170 Just imagine Germany's 1st team against Argentina's, Argentina would get s**t on. But Argentina played a good game and are starting to look up.
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Honestly RVP is kind of a dick for that, I agree with You LeeChungYong, the player Wenger bought are actually really good. Arsenal's even trying to get M'Villa ...
Why wouldn't David Silva be playing?
Ozil is a beast. KaKa is way to slow for La Liga in my opinion. Modric would be great to get not sure how he would sort out on the team.
No, he doesn't have the pace to be a La Liga player but he still shows great passing and control he should make a move back to AC Milan.
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Stupid, this guy had so much talent and Real wasted it by not even playing him once. He definitely should move, an honest steal from Arsenal.
No he had a good game much better than what we are used to, stomping on someones dick. Gerrard has had a great Euro maybe Liverpool may win the Epl?.....LOL
6 years ago
Statistics states that when people say "Yolo" it means they have very small penises.
Never go off of past results. Its quite ignorant. Without a doubt Italy played great today. I am just being a snob lul.
He has so much potential to be really good but is just so much of a douche.
Troll, or troll?
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I would take Gotze over him but he is class, would love to have him on the team.
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