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You bring up a very good point. I don't know if its selfish me or not but I kinda don't want any other team to accomplish such amazing tiki taka that our team a...
11 months ago
I will be the first one to go the other way but man the defense is weak. and don't even get me started on our goalkeeper. Midfield chemistry is really not at th...
The clean shaven beard? hmmm, i see.
Only half the time Joroen? I feel bad, I joke all the time!
Think he was being sarcastic about the OG. but Pastore goal was awesome!
12 months ago
Hypocrisy runs deep at all places. There will always be divers, some players are just like that. The dark side will always point that out, and we have done our ...
Looks like you guys are going to run away with this one!
And yesterday, both game ended 1-1 draw! I will be that one idiot what would like to call for match fixing!
PSG started the same way too! way too much similarities between the two days!
That was quick!
@ Tanmay, I did see the point calculations and I guess you are right, I still have hard time digesting the idea as in accordance to what the current active coac...
Time to buy rosetta stone!
We always talk about ranking of players and teams. I want to change gear for few secs and talk about coaches.
I read that yesterday as I was looking at the head to head comparison on UEFA website. Its unfortunate for Athletico but I aint going to complain.
I see no reason for the GK to be banned for life. It was an unfortunate accident and the GK was just doing his job to secure the ball, can't penalize him for th...
Tanmays sarcasm just oozing out from my screen!
1 year ago
Pedmar, I have observed you in this forum for the past 4 years. I admire your dedication to your club and you truly are a die hard fan of Madrid, and I whole h...
Ouch! is that a football fan prediction or RM fan prediction. Its a hard team we are facing and i will take it.
I will stay on the conservative side and call it 1-1 draw for today. I will however jump the gun and say that the 1 goal will either be netted by Messi or assis...
2 years ago
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