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I dont agree when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea till I die, KTBFFH
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We should had won this game by atleast 1 goal, Willian could score 3 goals unfort he scored only 1, the Barcelona goal was undeserved, and I said it in the firs...
3 days ago
Hm we scored 2 goals away in 2012 in 10 men, if we stay and defend all the game we wont qualify, we need atleast to score 1 goal, I dont rate this Barcelona squ...
No man, the dirty rat Suarez was just lucky IF u remember right, he only nutmeged Luiz, Luiz can have him in his pocket anytime, anywhere. Luiz have more experi...
Hope Christensen wont fk up, imo Luiz should be playing instead of him
Im sorry im not obsessed with him I just think is better than Pedro or Morata, even Giroud is better than Morata. You and a few others understood very wrong my ...
1 week ago
Where are all the haters of Willian ?! come to light ....Bazinga and the others...
Haha u talk rubish again Bazinga, get a life ! u clearly dont know anything about me, u keep thinking that Willian is my fav player hahah u funny af. By the wa...
2 weeks ago
"I have a feeling you hate him because love of your life willian was not in Conte's playing XI until recently" damn bro u really are mad haha, Lets clarify thi...
Ideal would be if he can redress this situation and make top 4, than tbh I want Ancelotti to come in, I think he was undeserved sacked, we were on 2nd place and...
And ag Bournemouth ?! he take the blame for this game BUT what ag Bournemouth ?! Dude we have 2 wins in over 10 matches since Jan 1 untill now, the rest are dra...
Bazinga AGAIN and again lol u are very WRONG, I dont hate Conte (contrary I had a good opinion about him, about what he did at Juventus, Italy, than he won us t...
Chelsea had 2 wins only since 1 Jan 2018 untill now, im sorry not even close to be good enough ! Conte bye bye ! la revederci ! Conte was under pressure since ...
LOL via like he did with Costa, if the press was right on it XD
Xgooner4everX i forgot to tell you, we dont need to call at that number we just watch ARSENAL FAN TV ON YT AND CHILL XDDD
A complete shitshow XD
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