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I dislike when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea4Life, KTBFFH, Snoop Dogg, Hoolywood actors !
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Teja watch again the match you will see they scored lucky goals, I`m out ;) gn all
2 weeks ago
Man the luck was there all night, 2 pens for what lol, beside Di Maria, Cavani missed big chances
Lol so lucky barcelona, Suarez as always a diver lol, and the Roberto goal lol, cant wait to see lets say a thougher team than PSG ag Barcelona like Bayern or R...
Yesss Cavani :) thank God he scored !
PSG will score if not in 90 min, in 120 min if is 4-0 in 90 min for Barcelona
Theo tell that to Bayern, when Barcelona was 0-3 in Munchen and in Camp Nou 0-4 LOL, 2night they scored very lucky goals all of them, cant wait to see CHELSEA a...
Wow lucky pen haha XD, never a penalty hm, honestly I dont think Barcelona will KO PSG but lets see what happens, IF PSG scores 1 goal will be hard.....
Ofc u do XD, even I do for my precious Chelsea if they were in the same situation
2 lucky goals by barcelona (uefalona XD), psg must do killer counter attacks to kill the game, they need 1 more goal imo to kill the game
XD lol
Thanks, yes first half was very good , you should be if im cristal clear u should ve been like 2-0 or 3-0 in first half, Wallcot had more chances, Giroud head, ...
Is clear the red card was very wrong, I think Arsenal wouldnt lose with 11 players, some of goals you conceded too easy
I doubt a new manager can make miracles with this Arsenal team, you need more world class players with characters like all strong teams have.
I dont think bc of Wenger Arsenal lost the tie, I m sorry but imo Arsenal players dont ve enough characters in the team, every single person are saying this(out...
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LOL It looked like a walk in the park for Bayern XD but lets see ag stronger teams like Real M, PSG, City how will be............ cant wait for the next season ...
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60m for Sanchez ?! XD hahha is this a joke ?! lol no more than 45m
For me Lukaku > Kane (Lukaku`s goal ag Spurs reminds me of Didier Drogba and that is something)
3 weeks ago
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