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I dislike when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea4Life, KTBFFH, Snoop Dogg, Hoolywood actors !
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Vaaz i think you are embarrasing not me, your comment ve no point
1 week ago
Lukaku not experienced still, Morata is nobody, belotti ?! lol who ?! only griezman is good and maybe sanchez but still Costa much better
Talented ?! are you crazy hes nobody, hes only speed and nothing else, Chelsea ve much more talented players in academy than this prick @Harambe make a wave......
The bad thing is that Chelsea even before conceded first goal, we played bad lets be honest, #tomuchrespect like Ballack said
They enjoy now but we see whos enjoying at the end of the season, when ofc we will be champions and they will fail to make top 4, my honest opinion
Nullified by SHET Herrera !?, hes nobody in football, wake up, lucky pass lucky goal but first was CLEAR HANDBALL
And bring on who ?!
I dont care how bad Chelsea played today, we played bad bc we were 1 goal down by an handball situation which was clear. "Outplayed' ?! I think you dont know wh...
Lucky again, deflected goal, Utd as always in the past had this luck to score lucky goals but Chelsea should defend better, dont worry the true Chelsea fans, im...
1-0 down, def we need Fabregas and WilliaN
Moses should stay in right side and azp on left Conte is wrong imo
IF Utd will win ag us with Rashford & Lingard which I dont rate them at all than we ve big problems in defence.....we need CBs with better speed than Cahill and...
All the decisions in favor of Mancheshit Utd, the ref is a joke, Utd player down is a fault, Chelsea player down is a not a fault, what a joke is this based ref
Teja watch again the match you will see they scored lucky goals, I`m out ;) gn all
1 month ago
Man the luck was there all night, 2 pens for what lol, beside Di Maria, Cavani missed big chances
Lol so lucky barcelona, Suarez as always a diver lol, and the Roberto goal lol, cant wait to see lets say a thougher team than PSG ag Barcelona like Bayern or R...
Yesss Cavani :) thank God he scored !
PSG will score if not in 90 min, in 120 min if is 4-0 in 90 min for Barcelona
Theo tell that to Bayern, when Barcelona was 0-3 in Munchen and in Camp Nou 0-4 LOL, 2night they scored very lucky goals all of them, cant wait to see CHELSEA a...
Wow lucky pen haha XD, never a penalty hm, honestly I dont think Barcelona will KO PSG but lets see what happens, IF PSG scores 1 goal will be hard.....
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