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2 weeks ago
Almost NEVER gets beat hahaha, than why we paid 16m for a LB to be a benchwarmer, even the Fifa game rate Filipe - 84, Azpilicueta -81, with the moddingway patc...
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Imo Luis Filipe should be a starter, azpilicueta ve quality but not enough !
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I wonder when Cech conceded 3 ag Everton ?!anyway bad defence goal 2 & 3 !
Chelsae61 no, Dailymail dont said that, they said 80k, by the way I read DailyMail every day, imo its a good site !
Lol 200k per week ?! not even Hazard or Costa have this amount of money !
@NaijaCarefree I would say: A.1.Juve 2.At M; B.Real,Liv, C.Bayer,Benfica or Monaco; D.Arsenal or Dortmund, E.City or Bayern, F.PSG or Barcelona, G.CHELSEA, Scha...
NaijaCarefree neither I didnt seen you, I can ask u the same q, but its all right !
3 weeks ago
CapLampard I`m not so sure !!! you can`t bench a legend like Cech or Van der Sar, I`m 100% sure we`ll lose Cech if hes not playing, Courtois is maybe the best y...
4 weeks ago
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@Theo I`m not saying to sell him, but rotating them, Courtois ag small teams, Cech ag medium and big teams !
Dorru just became a Rival of Barcelona
We`ll lose Cech if Mourinho continue keep him on the bench ! Shame, imo Cech >>>> Courtois, no ofence but hes 22 and imo is not better than Cech. Van der Sar wa...
Why they didnt do the live coverage of Chelsea Player of the season ?!!!!
4 months ago
At. Mad was just LUCKY 2night, the first goal was clear poor defence, 2nd Eto should say goodbye to Chelsea in the summer - silly mistake(even if Costa wanted t...
Which channel will be LIVE The Best player of the season EPL ???pls someone answer me !
I feel sorry for u guys, pray to God that Liv or Che to be champions insteed City !
I m happy that we won 3 pts but I really dont wont that City to win the league, pray to God to be Chelsea or Liverpool.
Nah, I dont think will be live on Chelsea TV, I checked....
Any1 know where we can watch live the press conference 2day from Madrid ???
The fukin ref robbed us, and helped Liverpool, shame on the refs !
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6 months ago
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