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I dont agree when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea till I die, KTBFFH
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DrogbaLampard its not about any curse, he didnt integrated in the Chelsea team so far, its evident as day light, imo he will struggle the whole season again, we...
1 week ago
2 EZ goals conceded by Chelsea
Hahahaha yes Morata is hopeless (I knew before Chelsea bought him), we need to get rid of him as soon as possible and get a proper striker (I cant believe Milan...
2 weeks ago
Yes u right Moe66, hopefully they get Neymar but i doubt PSG will gave up on him so easy bc they brought Neymar to strengthen their team...and also to make mone...
3 months ago
Its sad tbh :), and I really thought that Conte will stay more than 2y, atleast 3y. After wining the title to finish with 10 loses the next year, I cant expla...
Real for me is hype, big hype (u saw they qualify in the final with luck ag Bayern), Chelsea is same level if we play normal, beside Real if gets Hazard they ne...
Yes but its only 1 season outside UCL, we will be back I bet in the next years in UCL, with the new manager coming, for sure we will be in UCL in the next seaso...
Lol let's not exaggerate :), Hazard leaves I think only if Conte stays
Barkley WTF how can he miss that. Torres 3 lol 3-0 . I would fire Conte after this, I would not let him to play the final and lose, we have the chance to win a...
Liverpool have 3-0 so doesnt matter anyway
I hope we beat Utd like s**t (this is the only chance to win something this season), doesnt matter for him (Conte) if he wins or not against Utd, he will be fir...
What is this ?! we played s**t so far, they dominated us till now, we played like a small team the whole half
Who is Sarri ?!
You serious ?! its amazing....
Livepool losing against Brighton at Anfield ?! lol I think you are crazy XD, but ok anything can happen :D
IF we wouldnt had lost against Spurs at Stamford Bridge, also we lost important games against Utd away, City (again lose at St Bridge ,lose away), but I think t...
Nah I dont agree, ok he saved that one (Christ. header) but we missed other chances which their GK have nothing to do with, for exemple Rudiger missed 2 big big...
Lol their GK saved the Christensen header :) which deflected the ball in the post, so GK get the credits
How on earth this team took points with Chelsea and City, only they knows it how, but I think the luck had a big part, I bet they will go down next season, as n...
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