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I say Conte just edge Klopp lol in this celebration, but we all know how good Kopp at celebrations ! XD
Marcos Alonso ?! wow Chelsea must be desperate ! :) For me I wanted to see Chelsea buy Koulibaly I cant believe Napoli turn down 37m !
I dont see the reason why Chelsea bought portuguese gk Eduardo. Courtois its obvious in top 3 Gks itw IF not the best ! I guess to play him in cups lol Fifa 16...
"Now even Guardian" - and who is Guardian haha ?! I dont even watch The Guardian, ONLY SKY SPORTS site imo is the best. Christensen ?! haha maybe over 10years ...
3 days ago
Idk but I see he is off
4 days ago u can watch live with image
Hope Willian recover fast bc Pedro is really s**t
Yes only radio :( but the commentary is from Chelsea TV, the game is live on Chelsea TV but no image ! wtf the commentators are Pat Nevin and the other one from...
Pls some1 tell me when is Conte press conference live ?! by the way 3cb style dont suit Chelsea and point !
1 month ago
I better choose Hummels than Bonucci, dont think bringing the Juventus players in Chelsea will make us great again, we should stay at what we ve, Conte needs on...
2 months ago
Naija she should refuse and take the job back imo, i think she will earn much more if will take the job back
Any1 thinks we need Morata (40mil pounds) ?! lol imo maximum 25mil, plus we dont need him, we ve the best ST in the world, dont think Chelsea will win something...
It was the press conference of Jose or will be ? some1 poste a link were we can see live pls
3 months ago
OSCAR imo is better than any other CAM in this world. For me Oscar and James are the best. Mata lol Chelsea dont need him
@Obinocarlo ur comment ".....and we better not lose fans to United " Again I ask u why u wrote that ?! Bc u think that we lose some fans bc Jose goes to Utd n...
@Gohonaf good joke XD. Matic is one of the best CDM in the world. He had a bad season under Jose, but 1y ago Matic was at his best
@Obinocarlo or who said above that we will lose fans to Utd bc Jose goes there are u guys real ?! Than the other fans ve all the right to call us "plast...
Just curious to see when will be the first press conference of Mourinho for Man Utd ? :) Want to see the conference .... By the way now that Jose will be ur man...
@Mumbai u make me laugh, behind Manchester clubs ?! XD hahaha Imo Chelsea ve a better squad than any other club in this world, ok maybe we need ONLY 1 CB, and ...
I just want to say to many draws for a club like Chelsea, IF werent so many draws we could had been in top 4-6 ! From 3 draws to make another 11 and only 8 wins...
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