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I dislike when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea4Life, KTBFFH, Snoop Dogg, Hoolywood actors !
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Theo 0-5 ag Burnley !? lol lets not exagerate XD they not Bayern or Real
6 days ago
Batshuayi ag Arsenal in that friendly was a BEAST, deff should start every match but this game yea was poor !
Cahill - when hes playing bad is a faking disaster, but when hes in form he look like a top CB, exemple in 2012 ag Bayern in final or ag Barcelona at Stamford B...
Liquidator but not all the sliding tackles are straight red, in those 2 cases i this was yellow both, and im not saying this bc i am a Chelsea fan, this ref was...
Yes, I think David Luiz(have much more personality) deserve more than Cahill(when hes playing bad is a disaster, but when hes in form he look like a top CB, exe...
If Conte will keep Willian on the bench(in the future) we will lose him to Man Ure in january trust me, Willian is not a benching player, hes too quality imo. S...
And Willian !? hm i choose Willian over Pedro some doubts also for Cahill, I choose Rudiger, David Luiz, Azp, Moses, Alonso, and doubts also for Morata, Batshu...
Yes hes the best player in the world ! XD lol maybe in 1000 years
Lucky Burnley
Yes hes a faking kunt ! robbing Chelsea imo. for me was yellow at Cahill and Fabregas, looks harsh the sliding tackles but is not red imo, Cahill didnt injured ...
The ref is a joke, dont be surprised IF he will robb other big clubs, so many garbage refs are oficiating the Chelseas matches is just crazy
Its not about that, its about the Costa for me when he is in form is the best striker in the world, 2nd is Lewandowski, the thing i apreciate the most at Diego ...
Shocking, lol i am dreaming ?! xd haha Even in 10 man we should dominate Burnley and win but i ve a feeling Conte will not last long if he will not win the PL ...
Theo since what year u are a Chelsea fan ?! who is Tolisso ? even renato i dont rate that much, they will be fit in Chelseas 3rd team
3 weeks ago
Take that lucky bayern ! :)
Lucky Bayern, 3 goals from 3 mistakes, that bar 1min ago shows how lucky was bayern 2day like real m last year with lucky goals, dont worry in UCL CHelsea will ...
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Barbiniho stay calm XD
Https:// Diego Costa Best Skills And Goals LiverPOO is a big JOKE as always with the big joker KLOPP(The Comediant 2017) ...
Https:// Dorru is "the funny one"
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