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I dont agree when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea till I die and after ;), KTBFFH
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4 months ago
@Chelsea4lyphe Yes I know that, but its enough to do a bad performance like we did so far in PL and we will be out of Europa League also, so we can end up out o...
4 loses in the last 8 PL matches, good job Sarri, for me no top 4 - Sarri out
@Wenrooney Its just my opinion, I`m not butthurt or something, good luck into the next phase
Wenrooney the ball didnt hit the raised hand
Not a pen. for me (it was like a 50-50 decision), anyway its better to see a premier league team going forward than a french league 1 team, congrats : )
KevMo , WIN, if u think a bit how Chelsea played ag City in the final, Win or atleast Draw, and happened what I was thinking, @Sanjee and Drogbalampard u clearl...
No top 4 imo Sarri should go, i dont know if he deserve to stay anymore if he doesnt make top 4
5 months ago
Its on reddit just type on google reddit soccer streams
Bad defending both goals, easy goals
If doesnt make top 4 I dont know if Sarri deserves to stay anymore, for me NO, not making top 4 I would fire him in a flash. We had 1y absence of UCL I think it...
Lmao, every shot on target is a City goal, Sarri OUT if doesnt make top 4
IF we keep losing EASY POINTS to garbage teams we wont make top 4
Embarrasing defending, its unreal, to lose 0-4 to Bournemouth.... humiliating
No point to sell Willian, I rather sell Pedro, and btw who won the game 2night ?! Willian is the must underrated player, I m not saaying hes playing at his best...
6 months ago
@Rednickle my eyes hurts, Willian average ?! XDDDDDDDD my eyes hurts when I read this comment, what football u watched since he came to Chelsea until now ?! hah...
Lucky leicester, we should have won easily after those chances, nice christmas gift btw :)
Shaymoose17 u dont know what u talking about, btw I dont give a s**t about haters, and yes for me matters what my my fav team did in the last 15y-20y, its not m...
7 months ago
Sorry my bad, I was refering when we won the title with Conte
Ninaja4Ks tbh I dont give a s**t about hater comments, to answer on ur level : I took it from your school bag. U are 19 y old what can I say, only 18-22y old ki...
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