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I dislike when people say the clubs like Barcelona, Bayern, Real Madird are the best ! Chelsea is the same level IF not better !
Chelsea4Life, KTBFFH, Snoop Dogg, Hoolywood actors !
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2 weeks ago
Like I tought ! :) keep up old kid !
Kokm1 i think u are better at doing more drugs, I will like it much better ! 34y old and you act like a kid in comments hahahaha I like it @TheChelsea you shou...
I`m chill, goodnight
I`m sorry but I never said they are plastics, beside what u think about this comment of @TheChelsea: "Dorru stop doing drugs" ?! Its a direct insulte or not ?! ...
Kgb112 I`m nice but look also on their comments, I think they have passed the line with some comments ! Just saying...
TheBokiya i can say the same thing about any team in this world that they won thropies by investing money, Real spent on Ronaldo and Bale 200m pounds what can I...
Nice comment TheChelsea
@Kgb112 XD LoL thats what u think ! its an ilusion ! lol Seriously now I`m mean ONLY with the people/kids who are mean ! ok, hope u understand that.
"dominant years" ?! dont thinks so, is just in the people heads :), Chelsea always was and is the best
NaijaCarefree to score in min 93 is like a steal, but I was figuratively speaking thats why I put into quatoes
SilvanotMaestro16 is no irony, i ve this pic since many months but what u can know, u are a City fan lol, i think if Costa is in form is one of the best Sts itw...
No1Chelsea I think is better for you if u drink a redbull. "Gives you wings" LUL, i ve a questiion for the Chelsea fans who replayed on my comment : Since what ...
Haha XD "what a steal" LOL
Samcrosoft NO WASNT, watch better nooby ! Morata was also faulted in the box and no pen If u give pen on Luiz on that haha u give 10 pens per match
This turkish referee is a CHEAT, I rem him from Chelsea vs Barcelona away in 2012, when he also gifted them 1 pen, shame. Beside his face dont inspire me too mu...
WHY ?! Dont be silly ! bc faking skinny Crouch could broke Fabregas leg my friend, thats why ! and he got ONLY yellow thats why !
3 weeks ago
Yes, nice first assist of Azp, like Fab style, or D Luiz :)
Fabregas is the best CM itw BUT what about the fault of Crouch, when Chelseas players made tackles they recieved red, but when the other team players fault us...
Rudiger is not good for the first team imo, ag bigger teams he will ve big problems, instead Bakayoko looks fine !
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