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Abood Barrak
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MILAN!!!!!, football, Italy, and all things Italian (Except Pasta & Juve)
Juve.... oh and Pasta
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A die hard Milanista, that doesn't like Juve nor Pasta. The brother of Nass, but he doesn't know it yet. Paolo Maldini is my football hero.
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Yea the whole forum thing is dying nowadays, unfortunately. As far as getting it back is, I know I'll be sticking around here a while. The match was awful, th...
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1 week ago
Second that! I love the way the team plays even more aggressively when they go down, it is apparent that they want to win, hungry for it even, and I love it. Ne...
Well, greetings again fellow Milanistas. Been a while since I've been here. Any how, I am here to talk a little bit about the current situation we are unfortuna...
1 year ago
I really just hope we can at least win the cup, so this season won't be a total failure. Then again, we'll play Lazio, and this time four normal starters won't ...
Now a days, even when I watch a match, Im not excited, for the first time since I started cheering Milan.(Last year I used to get excited, especially at Seedorf...
I doubt you'll be able to sleep anyway
2 years ago
I can't sleep at all. All this stress, and excitement is not good for me. Tomorrow is the real test, I believe in us. I believe we can win. FORZA MILAN!
It isn't really Galliani's fault. Cristante wanted to leave instead of fight for a starting place. Don't get me wrong, I loved Cristante. But, life goes on. Plu...
First game of the season, a mixture of nervousness and excitement. One hour to go till kick off. Forza Milan!
If the transfer window closes and we don't sign any players, we could have a decent lineup. (GK)-Deigo Lopez MDS---Rami---Alex---Armero ----Poli(Cristante)--De...
I once was a big fan of Torres, back in his Liverpool days. I really would not want him at Milan. But, who knows. I always thought once he leaves Chelsea he'll ...
I do not disagree at all, Eeber. I actually agree on the Balotelli part. We might be better without him. Pazzini on the other hand have not been the same ever s...
I agree, completely. Although, I have faith in him, I have a strong belief that he will do that, or at least fight for CL spot.
Seems like Galliani is meeting Roma representatives to try and wrap up the Destro deal. Sounds good. But, we shouldn't get our hopes up.
Balotelli is on his way to Liverpool, and we can't land Destro. Porto are refusing to sell Jackson... Oh well, guess we'll stick with Pandev. sigh
Yeah, sorry. I keep mixing the two. Thanks for the correction.
One step at a time. If we aren't there by this season, hopefully we will be by the next. As long as we get back to the Milan status everyone used to know, I am ...
Hello people. It has been a while since I posted here. I'll blame my travelling. Finally got sometime to get in here and post what is on my mind, regarding tw...
So apparently Seedorf is set to exit, and Inzaghi is set to take his place. I actually wanted Inzaghi to take Allegri's place. But, not to take Seedorf's place...
So yesterday marked the end of a disastrous season. Well, no Europe next year, so we can focus on the league. I have a great feeling about next season. And as...
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