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Alright Mate see youve been enjoying yerself, nice start yesterday ! Just sat and watched yer clip from Sankt Pauli and read the bit about Giggs can't see it ha...
5 years ago
So it's wrong that you won more but stay down. Goal ave then goals scored shouldn't be taken into account unless all other factors in league were level. Mind yo...
Here's a share issue that offers potential 30% return, voting rights & NO DEBT < > so nothing is trousered by owners; wi...
FC have signed Giggs for next season - brilliant. Now will his brother also sign as he said that when he finished playing at MU he'd only contemplate coming to ...
With all the tv money in the PL now let's hope the right people get it. Cheaper standing. Cheaper seats. Cheaper programmes. Cheaper tat in mega-whore. If not t...
FCUM fans sing happy birthday to FCSP on 10th May 2010 then chant their name - BBC & Lineker are amazed at Irish fans chanting during game despite losing!!! It'...
Something better change(now PL is awash with tv money). More money to development, more to non-league, cheaper entrance money to stand / sit. Less SS stewarding...
Fantastic news that EPL have negotiated new tv deal - £3million million should ensure fans only have to pay £1/seat or to stand for next 400 years. Thank good...
There is a light that will never go out -
Adrian Chiles tonight - wow what a crowd, staying beyond end & cheering throughout. Yes Adrian (& Roy) sounds just like FCUM. Not bloody PL libraries with thei...
Do you still think that the Terms Ted Heath took us into Eu apply today. Remember they were negotiated by previous Labour Govt had agreed & he took us in on tho...
Looking at final table shouldn't you have come up as you won more games than Fortuna?
Given that 12 months ago you could get E1/£1, wine went up from £3 a bottle to £8 ish. Now £1 = E1.25 why has price not gone down below £3, as previous rat...
I'm not good enough to play a full 90 mins more than twice a season but my agent reckons I should demand respect & I should be playing for my country. Regardles...
STs now on sale. But how will we fund the multi-millionaires' lifestyle? Or is football not about that? < >
Shouldn't they be serving meals to some jumped up corporate pleb in a box?
Listen to the music - And owt else of interest -
Own part of our ground (an idea I proposed & amended slightly)
Oh I do like to be beside the sea side - oh I do like to watch Fc -
Ludovic Quistin; former FCUM international player killed in bike accident : < >
Kick4Life - changing lives through football