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He drops deep a lot to get the ball, which is think is the problem. Him and Rooney in midfield won't work, or doesn't seem to work. We need 2 proper ball playin...
4 months ago
We are so shet, even though we won we played like complete shet. Fletcher is horrible, to many passes to defence and amongst the defence. They need to move the ...
Blind can do a job as a defensive mid. He alongside Carrick would be great cover for defense. Problem is someone will be sacrificed out the front. Either Mata o...
5 months ago
Not even on bench?
Anyone have a link to watch the game on an iPhone ? I'm stuck at work :( worst day of my life, aha
Young was really good to, defended and created with his crosses. Rooney was doing good too.
What would he provide that the players we have now, even with injuries can't provide ? Our striker options are RVP, Rooney and Wilson. On the wings we have Janu...
6 months ago
Getting owned by hazard. wtf.
7 months ago
I was born there but left when I was 6 months old!
8 months ago
Only team i ever play with is united. If you play a possession based game you can rip anyone up with any team. My team when i play is really weak defensively in...
I already got a PS4, but when will be fifa be getting released?
That's an old article bro. When did the rumours restart of him coming back ?
9 months ago
Alright mate ive started a new Facebook group for proven United supporters only its called UNITED ONLY your welcome anytime mate,greetings Patrick aka redsince6...
Dion, should of read the whole post mate.
10 months ago
That's shet.
Does it go to pens straight away or extra time ?
Should of just answered his question and let him be. Trolling or not, he got a reaction. He would of looked like a douche if you just answered his simple questi...
11 months ago
He is better then what we have at the moment. If we don't bring any wingers in then Januzaj should be up the pecking order. He offers more then anyone else on t...
12 months ago
They spent a billion to get it right, and it wasnt only the money that won it for them. Luck at certain points got them the champions league. But they have been...
1 year ago
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