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4 years ago
LOL Did you forget your team's defense against Chelsea last week?? I think you should be ashamed of yourself for this comment.. All those nonsense teams in La L...
Donchino just Watched
5 years ago
LOL Cos they trashed your team few seasons ago doesn't mean they will do that to Barca.. Get ready to be disappointed again
Haters can vote Barca rubbish all you want but that doesn't change the fact that Barca are in Semi-finals and deservedly so.. United, Milan, Juve, PSG,Inter, Ar...
That is stuff of a champion.. You dont expect any team to perform as we did against Milan every game.. Champions can have a bad game but manage to grind out res...
Barca, there's so much this luck can take us.. The day we meet hard-luck, we wont be able to recover the game just like Chelsea last season.. We should start ta...
Over the two legs? They were better team last night but they were very lucky to even be in the tie after the first leg
Sir Alex knows the league in and out and can win EPL with Spurs.. That's what consistency in a coach bring.. It's funny tho that SAF said this current Man U is ...
On individual level, Messi is years ahead of Cristiano.. Live with it
That accusation comes from being successful.. Same with accusation of Spain being boring.. Man United are the best in England and rightly so.. Referees gets it ...
Ok Uefa are against using technology in football matches but they added two additional referees behind the gaol yet they couldn't spot that Ibra was offside? Wh...
"Coming from FCB-fan?? Are you kidding me?" What do you mean by that? It's not like Barca have had 11 mangers in the last 12 years.. Bcos everything about the c...
Look at all the Chelsea fans hailing their team after this victory.. They were the ones insulting Benitez for resting players against Southampton.. Now I didnt ...
If Valdes is Barca's weak point and yet we win truckload of trophies then I'll take the weak link anyday.. I dont understand some critics.. Pique is average, Va...
Aspire to be like them.. Not hate on them
Your comment about Torres shows how stupid and arse you are.. So Torres is garbage to you? He might be going through a bad spell now but he was the best striker...
Read with your eyes not your arse.. I said his timing and instincts are up there with the best.. In one on one situation however, he's very very good.. I rememb...
It's amazing how Underrated Valdes is.. Not saying this cos I'm a Barca fan but if it was Casillas that made those saves today everyone would have been hailing ...
Well Man U with their plan A, B and C, where are they now?? If we win we'll win using Tiki Taka and if we lose we'll lose using Tiki Taka.. We'll never change f...
Barca do not need Plan B as long as Plan A is well executed.. This was a well executed Tiki-Taka masterclass
In as much as your Van Dar Sar, Casillas, Buffon, Cech, Oliver Khan etc are class A goal keepers, none has won what Valdes have and he's still very young.. I me...
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