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Football is my passion.
Arsenal and
Slimjjimi9 (Slimjims) USA
TheKing10 (JEBBISON) from London, England
I was born in brazil but I moved too England when I was about 4 years old and I love both countries....
Tifoosi (Aria Ghoreyshi) from Dubai
Coach Analiser
Valzer (Viraj Dalvi)
Victor088 (Victor)
Webbo (Josep Bartra) from Somewhere, Out There
Let's get this cleared up: 1. Argentina, I lived there for a bit. All my life I have supported Argentina, and cheered for them; to tears... yes to TEARS. My mom's adopted country ...
Xiong (Jack Xiong) from B-town
ZAHIDI (ZAHIDI AZIZAN) from Kangar, Malaysia
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