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John Terry is currently under investigation by the police. The FA can't perform their own internal investigation until that's over with, so the Terry comment is...
6 years ago
Not sure if serious... His goal came about from the ball hitting Ferdinand and dropping to Suarez from about 6 yards out, with no Manchester Utd player quite r...
It's quite simple really - you know the persons general position . You then kick out in that direction. I doubt he meant to stamp on Parker's head, but it was...
I don't see it as a stretch - he deliberately stamped on another players head - a sending off offense. Had the referee seen it clearly he would have received...
If it takes a player who should have received his second red card for violent conduct to make football should probably find something else t...
Gotta agree with Bootman, although Balotelli shouldn't have been on the pitch to get into the position to win the penalty, it was clearly a foul by King.
Clear stamp, utterly amazed anyone is even debating it - does he have to wink at the camera before people realize how unnatural his movement was?
You're deluded. I'm utterly amazed anyone could argue that wasn't a deliberate stamp - yeah I get it, you're a city 'fan', but that doesn't mean you have to bl...
@Yellow Yes Arsenal did well, until they conceded two stupid goals due to poor defensive play. Really what does the sending off even have to do with anything?...
@Xapmx / @Champs Yup, I actually support a local side, instead of Arsenal, Man Utd , Tottenham or Liverpool like everyone else in this comment thread. I wonde...
"The criticism of our defense is ridiculous and utterly nonsensical" After two goals, both of which were brought about from defensive errors you'd think Weng...
"none of the players from the top 5 are playing seriously. " you actually believe that? They're professional players, all of whom have a number of ye...
Not sure what you're saying here: "we had to grind out against a QPR side who actually played against us." I see this as an implication that you're claiming ...
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