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I can't believe Ronaldo and DiMaria missed those shots. Hell DiMaria should of passed the ball back to Benzema and easy 2-0. Smh would you not prefer a certain ...
Is Messi going for Ronaldo's crotch in that picture?
1 week ago
Also Ray Hudson is the biggest Barca fanboy ever. I switch channels if he is commenting the matches.
If the league title comes down to the last day, and Barca have no chance of winning, do you think they are capable of letting AM win on purpose just to show the...
A hybrid of Cristiano Ronaldo and Zidane.
I don't believe in jinxing.
I also find hilarious that rival club fans come to our forum and give us Madrid fans Hate votes on their profile, especially Barca fans, when we say something l...
Hmm I did not comment anything on Barca's forum that day except what I said to you. I did comment a lot on the Madrid page though. I guess some Barca fans love ...
Well what a turn of events. It is very possible that Atletico Madrid will drop at least 4 points since they play vs Getafe, Valencia, Levante and Barcelona away...
Did i gave rude vote ??if it that case ,that surely would be for something you mentioned about our club .i am not normally take anything personally n if you sc...
Lol so sad you gave me a Rude vote really? Thx for reinforcing my statement of you (Sith). Let the hate flow through you.
2 weeks ago
Theo not really. Real Madrid prefers counter attack so if Chelsea parks the bus and gives Madrid the ball, I think it will be hard for Madrid players. I think A...
"i am foreseeing atleti being ucl champion .." > you being the Sith. Not obvious? It was a joke directed at you, not the team. Sigh.....
Ethio, vs AM Jedi mind tricks will be required.
@ Bloom then I hope you're terribly terribly wrong.
Oh how the mighty Sith have fallen.
Real Madrid to avoid Bayern I mean
I just want they avoid Bayern for the semis.
Ah so good to see Barca lose. I can't stand Mascherano.
Lol 143 passes to 505 passes
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