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Diving101 updated his profile
3 months ago
I found this video where I watch highlights. Enjoy, all credits to the maker for the huge effort https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F-jTYqDH6s8
It won't be for a while, Ronaldo has taken good care of his body and is still a beast. I reckon he will stay at Madrid another 3 seasons or perhaps even more if...
8 months ago
If you go from being 7 points ahead in the League to 4 points behind, a 11 points difference, then you deserve to lose.
9 months ago
That would be funny, seeing Barca get a taste of their own medicine. But I'd prefer Juventus knocking either of the 2 out and us playing Juventus in the final.
Atletico Madrid are the Chelsea of Spain, yet all I read on Barca page is Real hate. Funny. Oh and the Barca police making sure they have the last word on every...
"look I'm so fair with my assessments" bs! ????What are you drinking? Of course I'd prefer Barca or Bayern, it has been too long since we played Juventus and th...
You say that like Juventus are pushovers. Please hate more.
Good good, let the buthurt flow through you Barca fans.
Haha is Ancelotti serious when he said Bale will never be benched? Terrible performance by the whole team, lucky us Ronaldo scored that goal before halftime.
11 months ago
Ez katka
YES!!!!!!!!! Germany won; just lose Argentina muhahahah great free-kick Messi :D
1 year ago
This is what you speak of https://vine.co/v/MwgYQuh7nIZ gotta love Obi Wan such love for the team
Ronaldo with 17 goals in the Champions league. I doubt anyone will equal or beat this for a long time. Finally the 10th cup after 11 years, about time.
So, Atletico need to draw one game and lose the other, Barca one draw, and Madrid 2 wins. Barca draw with Elche and beat Atletico and Atletico draw with Malaga ...
I thought to myself give Illaramendi a second chance, third, fourth, fifth, well f**k that no more. As soon as he comes in, yellow card, and now I think he was ...
The eye of Sauron lol
Could this be the 10th after 12 years? That 2002 final vs Leverkusen and that Zidane goal, omg what a match that was. Also the night where Casillas made his app...
Holy s**t look at Ronaldo fly, he left everyone in the dust, but Benzema decided to dribble and lose the ball
I can't believe Ronaldo and DiMaria missed those shots. Hell DiMaria should of passed the ball back to Benzema and easy 2-0. Smh would you not prefer a certain ...
Is Messi going for Ronaldo's crotch in that picture?
Diving101 just became a Fan of Portugal
2 years ago
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