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Great goal by Bodmer
6 years ago
Time to reborn !!! Even if I do not like "business" football, i must say thx to QSI for the money !
What is sorry : 58m for a guy who scored 1 goals in 12 match
Http://www.canalplus.fr/c-sport/c-football/c-espagne/pid3480-videos.html?vid=437729 goals and highlights
7 years ago
Paris was lucky on the 2 match! it's hard to say but BVB>PSG i hope to see them in champion's league next year (and i'm sur i will :D)
VA 1 - 2 Néné
Omg who can stop BVB ? :D champion already?
Psg will win this cup :joke: (or not ? =) )
I hope to still see dortmund winner and qualify! Although Paris finished first, dortmund is clearly the better team
Yes There Is a hanball I recognize! is the first penalty that I do not understand the tackle was perfect! ps: the match referee was one of the worst I've ever ...
Bon match nul se soir a Dortmund ;) je n'y croyait plus !!! mais l'arbitrage était mauvais c'est incroyable je n'ai jamais vu sa !!!!
At the 50th min
Yes there was a handball but I think that there isn't penalty so ...
Welcome here ,bro & where is ur dreamfooty !!??
Dortmund scares me, it's a very good team with great players, and will be hard to win against them but not impossible! I hope to see a very good game Thursday! ...
Domenech dehor !!!! pfff et escale !!! ils sont fautif tout les 2 l un pour faire un boulot minable en tant ke selectionneur et l otre pour l avoir lessé a la ...
8 years ago
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